Grab app in HCMC

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Grab app in ccmc

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Editing takes a really long time, no matter how much practice you get. Which means I actually have work days when I travel for more than one week. 

These are the days where I stay at the accommodation I’m staying at and just work. I eat at nearby places or I order. 

And boy, can I tell you how amazing food delivery was in HCMC. 

I downloaded the Grab app for commuting, but discovered it acts as a multi-functioning app with food delivery as well. 

It was convenient, easy to use, quick and super cheap. 

So this is what I got for a full day’s worth of delivery. 


Pork slice noodle soup – 30,000 dong

Pork rib noodle soup –  30,000 dong

Delivery fee – 15,000 dong 

Absolutely delicious! and it took less than 30 minutes from ordering to getting the food!


Rice noodles with BBQ pork – 30,000 dong

Rice noodles with BBQ pork and spring rolls – 32,000 dong

Extra BBQ pork – 15,000 dong 

Delivery fee – 15,000 dong 

This order only took 18 minutes! And the food was great. 


Pork chop broken rice – 42,900 dong 

Pork chop and egg broken rice – 53,900 dong 

Delivery fee – 15,000 dong 

17 minutes. The time just gets faster and faster! 

Oh and the food was great. 


I absolutely loved the fact that the app could be in English and the communication between you and the driver or delivery guy could be translated. 

The menus are not translated however. So you might want to use google translate to figure out what you’re ordering. 

You pay everything in cash, and most times the delivery guys will have change but it makes it easier if you give them exact or smaller notes. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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