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Dim Sum Feast at Palace Chinese Restaurant

I have been to so many different Yum Cha places, and of all the different restaurants in Sydney CBD, Palace Chinese Restaurant is most definitely one of my favourite Sydney restaurants for my Yum Cha Dim Sum Fix.

I ordered a total of 16 different dim sum dishes, all of which I love – so here are my dim sum picks. 

How many of mine are also yours? 

Palace Chinese Restaurant

Stockland Piccadilly Shopping Centre
Shop 38 Level 1 Piccadilly Tower, 133/145 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

1. Har Gow

A steamed shrimp dumpling that uses a tapioca starch based wrapper to get that beautiful translucent look. The shrimp filling inside is bouncy, with noticeable shrimp chunks and nicely seasoned. 

2. Cha Siu Bao (BBQ pork bun)

Fluffy sweet bun made from rice flour and a savoury sweet Chinese BBQ pork filling. Honestly one of my favourites

Enough said. 

3. Gao Choi Gao

A steamed chive dumpling that also uses a tapioca starch based wrapper. 

A delicious veggie dumpling for anyone who doesn’t eat meat. Full of flavour, and the texture is amazing. 

4. Siu Mai

Pork siu mai’s are a classic to dim sum restaurants. The sweetness of the fresh pork that’s been seasoned and bashed into a paste gives it a great sweet umami flavour. 

Siu Mai’s are also steamed in a wonton wrapper to create a makeshift cup for the porky goodness. 

5. Gum Chin Tou

Beef honeycomb tripe is hard to find in Sydney as well as Hong Kong, so it’s amazing that Palace Chinese restaurant still serves this dish. 

Incredibly taxing and hard to prep the tripe well for the perfect texture and taste. I really recommend you try this one if you get the chance. 

Really delicious. 

6. Chow Mein

Honestly not much to this dish. It’s just noodles stir-fried in soy sauce with some spring onions and bean sprouts, but it goes very well with the next dish…

7. Pei Darn Sou Yuk Jok (century egg congee with pork)

This is my go-to congee order at restaurants because I love it. 

Century egg is fermented egg that has an almost metallic, earthy taste to it. This goes really well with fluffy smooth congee that’s slightly salted and then the pork just finishes it off. The pork is still tender, almost silky in texture. 

8. Cheong Fun

Thin layers of rice flour batter is steamed and then rolled to make these small rolls of Cheong Fun. They serve it with peanut sauce and Hoi Tsin Sauce, which goes perfectly together. 

9. Lo Bak Go (reddish cake)

Raddish cake is so good. 

Raddish is grated and then mixed with small pieces of salted meat, dried seafood and flour to be steamed and form its shape. And then it’s pan fried and served with a range of sauces from chili oil to soy sauce to create a crispy fragrant outer and a soft savoury inner. 

10. Ma Lai Gao

A steamed brown sugar cake that is extremely soft with the texture similar to memory foam. It’s a great snack or dessert option for dim sum. 

11. Prawn Toast

I think most of us know what prawn toast is. You find many variations of it, but it’s essentially a crispy bread/ pastry base with a seasoned prawn paste and sesame seeds. 

Super delicious and super addictive. 

12. Ja Leung

Ja Leung brings together two classics, the Chinese donut and the cheong fun. 

It’s essentially a chinese donut wrapped in cheong fun. You get the silky smooth outer layer from the cheong fun and then a slightly crispy and airy donut inside. 

13. Seen Book Guen

Is a bean curb pocket filled with a pork and mushroom filling then steamed with a savour sauce. 

Not my personal go-to but I order this almost every time because someone at the table loves it. 

14. Lor Mai Gai

This dim sum is a meal in itself. It’s super heavy, but super delicious. Glutinous rice with a chicken, mushroom and other goodies stuffed in the middle and then wrapped in lotus leaf before steaming to delicious perfection. 

15. Yeung Ji Gum Lo

My favourite Cantonese style dessert soup by far is pomelo mango sago. 

It’s sweet, tart, cold, and the texture of the sago and fruit makes this a great way to finish you dim sum feast. 

16. Daan Tat (egg tart)

Hong Kong style egg tarts are also another popular choice to end your feast on a sweet note. 

Super sweet eggy tart filling with a flaky buttery tart base. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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