Chatswood Mall Market

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Chatswood Mall Market Food Tour

Chatswood has had a weekly weekend market for as long as I can remember, but for whatever reason I never actually visited. 

So today I decided to explore this market after hearing it will be open every Thursday and Friday now. Here’s everything I tried out.


Operating for over 10 years, sugar cane juice with lime was a much needed drink to beat the summer heat. It was refreshing, sweet, citrus-y good. 

This drink is actually a favourite of mine while travelling in South East Asia. A common drink you can find sold on the side of the street by vendors. 

Seriously refreshing. Seriously good. 

Arlecchino on the Road

Wood fire pizza made fresh! 

I ordered a prosciutto and rocket pizza, which was pretty good. The flavours were there, but I would have preferred the base to be crispier. 


Chatswood Mall Market

I got recommended to try out the shrimp dumplings and the siu mai’s here. 

The dim sum chef has over 30 years of experience and the taste of his dim sums certainly does show it. Some of the best siu Mais I have had, ever. 

Bao Dao

wheel cake

Bao Dao has a few places around Sydney, but it all started at Chatswood Mall market selling their famous wheel cakes. 

They’re most popular flavour is red bean, which was also my favourite as well. The spongey pancake reminded me of the typical Chinese waffle in taste and the fillings were generously given. 


Gozleme is flatbread stuffed with minced meat. I got a cheese, minced beef and spinach Gozleme for my dad to try out. 

I don’t think he’s had one before. 

Gozleme King is known to make really good ones and I wasn’t disappointed at all. 


I stopped at Nata’s & Co for their Portuguese tarts. It has the flaky pastry crust which I love and it was super eggy, nicely sweet. Just a great treat to have as a quick snack. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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