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What is Sydney Insider?

Sydney Insider is a free-to-join program with only one aim. 

Help you discover your own backyard with fresh eyes. 
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There are so many hidden gems in Sydney that deserve more attention. Sydney Insider brings you the best kept secrets, exclusive offers twice a month to your inbox.

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Sydney is one of the world’s most visited places in the world, and yet us Sydney Siders are notoriously well known for getting on a plane exploring the world before we explore our own amazing city.

Sydney Insider doesn’t just cover the big names and brands you already know about. We shine the spotlight on hardworking, small establishments that give this city it’s soul.

It’s the mom and pop’s store your friend absolutely loves, the cafe that knows your name and order. It’s the butcher that’s been open since you were a kid and the new business giving back to the community.

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