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The word “cheap” isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Michelin star food. But in Singapore, two restaurants does just that. 

Instead of fancy dinnerware and a long reservation list, these two restaurants are serving affordable, delicious, Michelin star food to the masses! 

Here are all the details:

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

466 Crawford Ln, #01-12, Singapore 190466

This 1 star Michelin hawker food stall is famous for its pork noodles. I ordered a medium bowl of Bak Chor Mee which comes with a bowl of seaweed soup. 

Like most places in Singapore, you can choose to have your noodles dry or with soup. I chose dry since a bowl of steaming hot soup in Singapore’s weather wasn’t very appetising to think about. 

The noodles were deliciously al dente, and it came with a bunch of different meats. Meat balls, dried fish, minced pork and other parts such as liver.

The whole thing was tossed in a savoury vinegar sauce that brought everything together, but each component was already amazing enough. The pork liver was cooked perfectly. Not over cooked, which is so easy to do. 

NOTE: be prepared for a line when you get there. Good food that’s cheap is bound to have a line…

Liao Fan Hawker Chan

78 Smith St, Singapore 058972

Their claim to fame is their signature Soy sauce chicken rice, and of course, being the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. 

The signature chicken rice is served with a braised egg, some cucumber, braised peanuts and white rice that’s generously dosed in the famous soy sauce.

The chicken was incredibly smooth and tender, and what impressed me the most was how the soy sauce was not overpowering. You get a distinct soy sauce flavour, but it is somehow not overly salty. 

Add the rice, peanuts and cucumber in to a bite with the chicken, and it’s just perfect!


Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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