Sydney Boba Bubble Tea Battle – Who’s the winner?!

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Sydney Boba Bubble tea showdown!

Sydney’s bubble tea scene is hyper competitive with all the biggest names making Sydney home. 

Today I’m showing you 5 of the biggest names and giving you a brutally honest review on who has the better boba.

I ordered the same thing from each place to keep things as fair as possible – pearl milk tea with 30% sugar and little ice. And enlisted my siblings to join, because I know they wouldn’t hold back on their critiques. 

Cha Time - 3/5

“Quite watery – there’s not much tea taste” 

“it’s alright”

The flavour was definitely not strong. It might have been from the melted ice, but the whole drink tasted very diluted. 

Share Tea - 3/5

“the pearls are better in this one – it’s a bit more milky”

“this is better”

There wasn’t much of a tea taste to this one either, but it was milkier and the texture of the boba had a better mouth-feel. 

King Tea - 4/5

“I like this one – there’s more tea to it where as the others had more milk – this one I can actually taste tea. (pearls) they’re pretty good too” 

“it’s better than…Sharetea” 

A more pronounced tea flavour and the boba were chewy. Enjoyable bubble tea.

Coco - 4/5

“the pearls are good – again it’s more milky than tea”

“this one’s pretty good” 

I personally enjoyed Coco’s milk tea and boba best. The tea flavour for me was more pronounced and the flavour of the boba was also there. It wasn’t just textural, you could actually taste the boba. 

(not really) Gong Cha - 2/5

So I thought I went to Gongcha because of the decor, but when I looked carefully I realised it wasn’t Gongcha and it was already too late into the filming process…so…

“ok – there pearls are good but I can’t tell what I’m drinking – it’s got this flowery flavour to it” 

“I don’t like this” 

This non-brand bubble tea shop in Eastwood did not live up to my Gong Cha expectations. The boba is really nice, but the tea was by far the worse out of the bunch. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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