King’s Delicacy – Peking Duck

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Peking duck in Hong Kong

I flew back to Hong Kong with a burning determination to eat all my Chinese favourites. 

As much as Sydney has – what I believe – a world-class food scene. 

You, of course, can’t beat the cuisine at its origin. So Chinese food was top of my list while I was in Hong Kong.

And Peking duck is a personal favourite of mine. You can commonly find roast duck in Sydney, which is the Cantonese version. But Peking duck is marked by the different cooking method that creates the signature delicate crispy duck skin, and the separation of fat between skin and meat. 

King's Delicacy

Fashion Walk, 13-15 Cleveland Street, Causeway bay, Hong Kong

King’s Delicacy is a restaurant located in Causeway bay – a shopping and entertainment district in Hong Kong. 

They’re famous for their Peking duck and Chinese fine dining – excellently executing classic dishes from around China.

It’s best to dine here in a group to share dishes among each other, but dining alone is also fine. 

Expect warm lighting, and comfortable furnishings but the signature sound of chatter you find at all Chinese restaurants. 

The Duck!

King's Delicacy
King's Delicacy at Causeway Bay

My aunt was telling me how they would cut the duck at the table before, but they no longer do that for covid reasons. So instead you get served your Peking duck already prepped and sliced along with your pancakes and condiments. 

The duck skin at King’s delicacy was so crispy and thin, but not overly dry. It wasn’t overly oily either. The duck meat wasn’t too dry and the amount of fat they kept on was just the right amount you want for extra duck flavour. 

Of course, you want to wrap it in a warm Chinese pancake wrapper with the sweet savoury Hoisin sauce and sharpness of spring onion. paired with crunchy cucumber. Peking duck is just one of those culinary geniuses that work. 

There’s a reason this dish was exclusive to royalty only back in the day. 

Other stuff we ordered

My family being from Shanghai – we ordered a lot of dishes from that region off the menu such Zhenjiang crystal pork, drunken chicken and Xiao long bao. 

It was my first time trying crystal pork, which was a cold dish eaten as an appetiser. 

It’s cured Chinese ham minced and seasoned then set within natural pork gelatine. The way King’s Delicacy does it, is to also add the black vinegar in gelatine form with each bite. It makes for a refreshing savoury and tart bite. Perfect for wetting your appetite. 

Zhenjiang crystal pork at King's Delicacy
Zhenjiang crystal pork

Along with my family’s favourites, we also had this amazing bowl of fish maw and chicken soup. 

No joke. This soup was so rich in flavour but still refined and not oily at all. It was amazing and I wish I could drink it every day. 

Xiao long bao at King Delicacy
Xiao Long bao

The chicken gave the soup a very umami, clean, meaty flavour while the fish maw gave it’s distinctive sweetness and luxurious viscous texture. 

If you ever wanted to try Chinese fine dining without breaking the bank too much then King’s Delicacy is a great option to consider while in Hong Kong. Great technically hard-to-achieve dishes at very fair prices. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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