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Singapore has many claims to fame, but its pride and joy must be their world ranking airport.

Jewel Changi airport. 

Its ranked the world’s best several years in a row and honestly, I don’t think there’s any airport that even comes close with the recently opened Jewel Changi. 

However, I made a BIG FAT EMBARRASSING mistake. (I actually debated whether I should even share this with the world and have this permanently online…

I didn't get to see the Jewel...

After seeing so many gorgeous instagram photos and reading so many articles about the Jewel Changi and how amazing it is…

I didn’t really do much research on it. I figured I knew what I needed to know. (how wrong I was) 

Jewel Changi isn’t a part of the airport. It’s on the side, linked with the airport…

And I confidently, ignorantly went through immigration thinking Jewel Changi was waiting for me inside. 

It wasn’t.

Jewel Changi isn’t accessible once you go through immigration because Jewel Changi is actually open to the public on the Singapore side. It’s an amazing mall/ entertainment/ dining complex linked with the airport BUT not part of the airport. 

But I'm still in the world's best airport so...

So after my little-mini-public-meltdown…I reminded myself that I was still at the world’s best airport for several years, long before Singapore decided to make it even better with Jewel Changi. 

It was time to make the most of it! 

Watch the video above to see all the cool amenities at the airport. 

and if you want to watch me redeem myself on my next visit to Singapore: 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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