Macelleria – Newtown Butcher Steakhouse

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Macelleria in newtown

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Today I went to Newtown for a day out with my friends, and I took the opportunity to try a steakhouse I’ve been wanted to check out for a while now. 


Located on the main road where you’ll find most of the shops, restaurants and cafes are at – Macelleria is a butcher / steakhouse with a twist. 


Is it a butcher with a steakhouse or a steakhouse with a butcher in house? You wouldn’t be able to decide when you step inside. However Macelleria started out as a butcher shop with a simple aim of providing the public high quality animal protein. Along the journey this also meant educating the public on how best to cook it. And that’s what you get, a butcher shop with a massive steakhouse at the back. 


You step in and you’re instantly greeted with the butcher case of various cuts of beef waiting for you to choose. After you’ve chosen your steak you then select how you’ll like it done alone with your sides and sauce of choice. 


You’ll find a whole range of premium beef, from the grass fed Australian local bred cattle to American Angus, with many cuts you don’t commonly see at other places. 


But they don’t just sell beef, which means there’s no excuse not to pay them a visit when in Newtown. 


Address: 73-75 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042

Macelleria - Newtown

What I Ordered

220g Angus Scotch Fillet w/ mushroom sauce - $30.8

No complaints whatsoever. The beef was cooked perfectly, incredibly tender, juicy with a strong meaty beef taste. It was seasoned perfectly and even tasted better without the sauce, which I think speaks for itself on the quality of the beef at Macelleria. 


Why would you want to cover the delicious beef with another flavour right?

200g Angus Eye Fillet w/ Bernaise sauce - $32.8

My friend ordered this and “generously” let me try a (small…) bite. Conclusion, I’m getting this next time I come to Macelleria! 

butcher display case

We also went to Azuki in Newtown afterwards because the day was still young and … well, why not. 


Azuki is a Japanese inspired bakery well known for their strawberry sponge cake. 


So of course, we got that as well as a few other items. 


Tip: Don’t plan to eat your cake here as there aren’t many seats available.

Azuki Newtown cake
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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