Bar Totti’s Review – Italian Food in Sydney CBD

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Casual Italian Food to share

(Click play on the video above to see the restaurant and all the food we ordered up close.)

I’ve heard things through the grapevine about Bar Totti’s and wanted to try Bar Totti’s for a while now, but never really had the chance until now. 

I decided to take my parents out to the city for lunch and used it as the perfect excuse to try Bar Totti’s out. With three people in total, we were able to order a nice range of items from their Antipasti section of the menu.  

Bar Totti's

Shop 4/330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Bar Totti’s is conveniently located in Wynyard. A stones throw away from the train station and few steps away from the light rail stop. 

The concept is a bar first, Italian restaurant second – with a menu full of house-made anti-pasti dishes that are perfect for sharing. Everything about the place was warm, welcoming and said “have a good time chatting with friends, family and/ or colleagues over drinks and food.” 

The atmosphere of the place was exactly what you want for a casual, fun and delicious group chatting session.

We ordered:

  • Wood Fired Bread
  • Pickled Octopus
  • Prosciutto Tomato
  • Chicken liver parfait
  • Burrata
  • Melon
  • Reginette spanner crab, tomato & chilli pangrattato Pasta

Everything tasted great, with a few dishes all three of us thought stood out. 

Bar Totti’s signature wood fire bread was amazing. I wish I had the sophistication to describe how delicious the bread was to you. 

It looks, like any other wood fire flat bread. But it’s made to order and lands at your table warm, fluffy with a great chew and seasoned perfectly. 

Bar Totti's review

Next up is the chicken liver parfait which my mum had a food moment with.
She loved it to be exact.

It was creamy, seasoned well and indulgent. It went really well with the bread and I would recommend it if you choose to go to Bar Totti’s. 

chicken liver parfait bar totti's

Another star was the burrata. It’s an Italian cheese that looked like mozzarella but is softer, more flavourful and luxurious in taste and texture. 

After a quick Google search I found out the outer layer is actually mozzarella cheese, but the inside is filled with a softer, creamier curd to give this cheese a very unique and delicious experience. 

The other dishes didn’t disappoint either and the spread on the table looks as beautiful as it tasted. 

I will definitely be visiting again. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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