6HEAD Steakhouse at The Rocks

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1.5kg Tomahawk

(Click play on the video above to see the restaurant and all the food we ordered up close.)

6Head is located at The Rocks near Circular Quay. The restaurant hosts some amazing harbour front views. The location is extremely befitting for a premium steakhouse offering a range of high-end steak cuts. 

As a premium steakhouse in one of the most picturesque locations in the city – you won’t get in without a booking as it’s always busy. The menu screams indulgence with its wagyu butter, in-house dry-aged steaks and truffle mash to name a few dishes.


Bay 10 & 11, Campbell’s Stores, 7-27 Circular Quay W, The Rocks NSW 2000

We booked 6HEAD to celebrate my dad’s birthday and I just wanted to say the staff was extremely accommodating and friendly. 

My parents were actually an hour late. That’s right, my dad was an hour late to his own birthday dinner and not once did the staff hurry us. Really superb service. 

(I felt super bad, but not as bad as my sister because I and my brother were also slightly late due to traffic…so just imagine my sister sitting alone at a table for 5, at a restaurant that is impossible to walk-in) 

Which is probably why we got the 1.5kg Tomahawk steak my sister was super excited to try. We decided to share the tomahawk steak between the 5 of us, which also comes with salad and chips. 

Scallops at 6HEAD

We also got a few sides, like the bread with wagyu butter. The butter was amazing, the flavour from the wagyu made the butter richer and more umami. We also got the truffle mash, scallops and kingfish ceviche. 

Everything was served beautifully and tasted great. They bring out the Tomahawk steak before they cook it – and the thing was massive. It didn’t actually fully fit on the tray!

6HEAD tomahawk steak

We were advised to get it medium or medium-rare so the fat will render properly to get a better flavour. 

If I was entirely honest, the tomahawk didn’t have much of a wow factor in terms of taste, but it certainly isn’t a bad steak. I think the visual of a tomahawk pumped my expectations higher than it should. 

All in all, I enjoyed my experience at 6HEAD, and think their menu is full of some great creations. I probably wouldn’t order the tomahawk again, but think it’s a great option to share in a group as it’s an instant photo opportunity! 

tomahawk steak Sydney
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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