Eating Hong Kong Cart Noodles in Sydney

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What are cart noodles?!

(press play and the video will start playing at the cart noodle segment)

I’ve featured Hong Kong Street Food previously and ordered their cart noodles, but it has been brought to my attention that many people are confused to what cart noodles actually are. 

Cart noodles originated in Hong Kong during the 50’s when street hawkers, street food stalls and vendors was still a thing. And one of those things was “cart noodles” because they were sold from carts vendors would push along the street. 

Hong Kong Street Food

Shop 204/14 Walker St, Rhodes

Now adays cart noodles are found in small restaurants or a hole in the wall in Hong Kong, but the name still presists. 

The general set-up is you walk in to choose your noodle, then your toppings and that’s it. 

Cart noodles come in many forms and in recent years you can find cart noodles no longer resembling the working-class convenient meal of curry fish balls, pork skin, turnips and other delicious but also cheap ingredients. 

At Hong Kong Street Food you still get a rather old school experience from their cart noodle selection. 

This time around, I ordered choi sum, salt n pepper pork chop ad curry squid with rice noodles. There’s honestly no right or wrong in how you choose your toppings.

But, if you’re looking for a very authentic Hong Kong experience then you must get pork skin, turnip, some sort of meat ball and beef brisket or beef tendon. 

cart noodles Sydney

I also got a very cute lemon tea which was insta worthy. In fact the whole restaurant at Hong Kong Street Food is full of photo opportunities. Its a fun place to bring a date if they like good food or just want a few snaps for their IG. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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