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There’s so much you can do in Tokyo and so many places you can go in this fascinating city. However, one thing that I always do in every destination I go to is, eat. Today I went to Tsukiji Fish Market to indulge in some of the best street food Tokyo has to offer. 

Tsukiji Fish Market is famous for being the wholesale seafood market in Tokyo. Here you can find freshly caught fish and buy everything you need to make a Chirashi don.

1. Corn Fishcake Skewer

First up is a corn fishcake skewer that’s deep-fried on a stick. A snack you can eat while looking for your next item to eat. 

The corn gives this fishcake a sweetness which might not be everyone’s liking. However I think this would have been great with sweet chilli sauce. 

Give it a go and see if you like it. 

2. Tamago

Japanese style omelette is served cold and is slightly sweet. The texture is distinctively soft with many layers of the egg being rolled as it is being cooked. 

I really enjoyed it!

3. Grilled Eel Skewer

I normally really enjoy grilled eel, but I also normally have it with rice. Today I had it on its own with nothing else and it was a bit of a new experience for me. 

I think the flavours were a bit too strong on its own and needed something to balance it out…such as rice. 

However, saying that I think you should still try it because there’s not many places in the world were you’re going to get grilled eel as fresh.

4. Chirashi Don

As mentioned before, you can actually go to the market and shop for each component to make a charishi don. 

However I figured, why not leave it to the experts. 

So I found myself a restaurant and ordered a bowl instead, and boy was it amazing. The fish was so fresh and sweet. Everything from the taste and the texture of the seafood was of such high quality. 

Must try. (I don’t think you can replicate the quality anywhere outside Japan)

5. Hokkaido Melon

This was a bit of a splurge but I was so tempted to know what all the fuss was about. Stall after stall selling various melon slices had crowds and lines eager to buy. 

So I just had to try for myself. 

The melon was full of juice and the sweetness was a nice floral sweetness. There was so much juice that it could quench your thirst if you had a few slices. 

6. Warabimochi

Warabimochi isn’t made from rice like regular mochi. It uses bracken starch instead. 

I got a trio flavour skewer of peanut, matcha and black sesame. 

It’s a pleasant chewy bite with subtle flavour. However the black sesame flavour was very strong which I really enjoyed a lot. 

7. Green Tea Latte

To wash all the food down, I got myself a cup of matcha latte. The matcha was brewed fresh right in front of me and using the real thing instead of artificial flavouring really made a difference. 

The green tea flavour was intense and delicious!

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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