1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodles

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Lanzhou Beef Noodles in Sydney

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Soup noodles are delicious, Wonton noodles, Ramen, Pho. Noodles in hot broth is just a comfort food I love. Today I want to introduce you to a lesser known noodle soup, but is a national favourite in China. 

Lanzhou beef noodles. 

There’s many variations of beef noodle soups all across Asia, but Lanzhou beef noodle soup must be one of the more well known ones.

With over 200 years of history, Lanzhou beef noodles are normally served with one strand of noodle handmade and stretched to order. The broth is clear and rather clean, but with a depth of flavour. A broth made from a mixture of 20 herbs and spices, beef bones, chicken and beef parts. 

It really is a rather complex flavour profile, but amazingly clean. Not overly oily, rich or heavy. 

Lanzhou beef noodles has 5 key components to be considered an authentic bowl. 

  1. The broth needs to be clear and light.
  2. There must be radish that’s subtly sweet and soaks up the broth like a sponge.
  3. There must be coriander and other herbs.
  4. Chili oil is a must. 
  5. The noodles are on the thinner side with a chew.

Strangely, beef isn’t listed as what constitutes as a “real” bowl, but typically the beef you get is beef shank. It’s firm, not tough, but also not tender. 

Today I went to 1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle at The Base in Chatswood to have some (a lot) of noodles. 

1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Address: Address: The Base, 424 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

What you shouldn't miss out on:

Lanzhou Handmade Beef Noodle Soup

This is their signature dish, which has all the components of a good bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles. You have that amazing broth, a generous serving of coriander and spring onions, the soft-translucent  radish, aromatic fragrant chili oil, meaty beef shank slices, AND of course the handmade noodles. 

Handmade Braised Beef Noodle Soup

Pretty much the same as the above but the beef is different and you get a few things of bak choi as well.

Special Pork Noodle

This was actually my favourite of the day. I know, a bit weird since I jut spent so long talking about Lanzhou beef noodles. 

But the freshly made noodles they make mixes with the sauce and pork perfectly. Normally the noodles struggle to get coated with the sauce and toppings when you get these sort of toss noodles. However, their special pork noodle were perfectly coated. 

I also liked the hint of tartness. I’m not sure what it was but if I had to guess there’s some sort of vinegar in the mince pork 

Cold Pig Ears

A personal favourite. Pig ears are normally thinly sliced, served cold. 

The cold pig ears at 1919 Lanzhou beef noodle are appetisingly spicy. If you’ve never had pig ears then give it try. Expect it to be a layer of crunchy cartilage with a layer of firm gelatinous skin on top, with a slightly spicy and savoury flavour. Perfect beer companion imo. 

Garlic Cucumber

I really like Chinese cucumber salad in general. It’s garlic-y and refreshing. 

The ones here also have red capsicum chunks, which give it nice added sweetness.

Potato Salad

I’ve never had potato salad like this one before. 

If I closed my eyes I wouldn’t even know it was potato. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. It’s appetising, fun to eat, but it just doesn’t seem like its made from potato. 

Or maybe my mind is so fixed in thinking potato salad is the creamy potato salad my sister makes. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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