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Kam Wah’s Cafe

Kam Wah Cafe

47 Bute Street, Prince Edward

A multi-award winning Hong Kong diner in the heart of Kowloon makes Kam Wah Cafe a must visit. 

They’re famous for the iconic Hong Kong diner classics – the butter pineapple bun and Hong Kong style French toast. Their pineapple buns are made in-house fresh and they only use Anchor branded butter, which means rich, buttery, creamy goodness with every bite. 

pineapple butter bun
Kam's roast goose

Pineapple buns and Hong Kong style French toast is like pizza – its never bad, but when you get a good one – it’s amazing. And Kam Wah Cafe manages to do these two dishes so well! Actually, I ordered a few more items while I was there and everything there was gooood!

The pineapple bun was more bready compared to most bakeries I’ve tried and their sweet flaky top crust was more fragrant and flaky. This item really is a must-try before you leave Hong Kong. 

The other must orders

The humble Hong Kong style French toast is another item you need to try (and share) when in Hong Kong. It’s thick sandwich bread soaked in egg and deep fried to a crispy perfection with a smooth peanut butter filling. 

With all that butter and richness, you need to wash it down with Hong Kong Milk tea. It’s strong, rich, milky and very complex in flavour. 

A good cup has a concentrated flavour of tea, where diners like Kam Wah have their own blend of several teas to create the perfect morning cup. The richness comes from the evaporated milk. 

Next we have the humble noodle dish. This could be instant noodles, macaroni or rice vermicelli, and the secret is all in the broth. You have your classics, Satay beef, tomato and egg or what I ordered pork slices with Chinese perserved veggies. 

It’s umami, full-bodied without being overwhelming. It’s not salty, or tart, but imagine a left green and then up the flavour by 5 and then add some fermentation complexity to it and you’ll begin to understand what this tastes like. 

But like always, it is just best to come to Hong Kong and try it yourself. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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