Temasek has the best Laksa in Sydney

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The best laksa?

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Temasek has cult like status among foodies who love Malaysian and Singaporean food. People come across the city to try their authentic flavors. You’ll be first greeted by the collage of stickers showing the many food awards they’ve won over the years and the food reviews they’ve garnered. 

So you might be thinking of Temasek being a brightly lit, well decorated restaurant with clean lines and sleek furniture. Well, it’s the complete opposite, because the food is just that good they don’t need the fancy bells and whistles. 


71 George St, Parramatta

I went for lunch this time and ordered myself two classic dishes, Hainanese chicken rice and Prawn laksa. The Hainanese chicken rice was delicious. The chicken was super tender and the skin had the perfect silky jelly texture, but the best part is the chili sauce. Not too spicy, but had a great ginger and lime zesty kick. 

Temasek Sydney chicken rice

Next was the prawn laksa with the combination noodles. You can either choose vermicelli and Hokkein noodles, but there’s a third option which I personally like to order, which is the combination of the two. I love the different texture and thickness which makes it a more interesting chew. Each spoonful of soup is bursting full of flavour – an aromatic and coconutty elixir that clings onto every strand of noodle. 

Temasek Sydney Laksa

If you come for dinner and have room for more than you must try their char kway teow and beef rendang. The former is a flat rice noodle stir fry with chinese sausage, bean sprouts, spring onions, tofu and prawns, and the latter is a spicy aromatic beef curry. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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