Taiwanese Food in Sydney

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Taiwan Food in Sydney You gotta try

Taiwan has a vibrant street food culture, where people eating out for all their meals is a common occurrence because food is readily available at affordable prices. 

Taiwanese flavours are typically savoury with pickled vegetables and slow braising. 

Here’s 3 restaurants you should check out in Sydney to explore some great Taiwanese eats. 

Here are all the details:


Shop 3/3-5 Trelawney St, Eastwood

I actually get takeout from Hungry Paulie rather often so I went ahead and ordered all the items that I wanted. (which was a lot)

I was told almost everything is made in-store, fresh. Which is really impressive since many items take hours and hours to cook. 

Such as fresh soy milk, slow stewed pig trotter to name a few. 

Out of everything I tried, honestly, everything was great. However, the steamed rice and braised pork belly, as well as the black pepper bun were winners for me.

The braised pork belly rice is a common dish found in Taiwan that many choose as a quick meal solution. It’s savoury, fatty, a lot of sauce and comes with a braised egg and pickled vegetables. It has everything you want in comfort food. 

The black pepper bun was stuffed full of pork with a very strong black pepper flavour and spring onions. These buns aren’t steamed, but baked in an oven so the outside is delightfully crispy. 


81/569 George St, Sydney

Bubble tea has been all the rage for the past…decade? maybe even longer. 

There’s always new flavours and new takes on this fun dessert drink and the latest twist is the brown sugar bubble milk tea. 

Xing Fu Tang is a chain from Taiwan and they’re bringing the most authentic brown sugar boba experience to Sydney. 

They’re famous for their brown sugar boba and to keep standards up they import everything from Taiwan, from the flour to the sugar to using the original recipe. 

P.S. the store is also pretty fun to visit. 


Shop TG6, 8 Quay St, Haymarket

Cho Dumpling King has been around for a long time and I absolutely love their beef noodle soup, which is why I had to add them to my Taiwanese food tour today.

I also got their sour & spicy soup for an extra dollar, which is full of different fungi, tofu and thin sliced vegetables.

But the highlight was definitely the beef noodle soup. Taiwanese beef noodles is usually served with pickled mustards, the beef is also typically parts with more fat content or tendons for a very tender and gelatinous experience. 

A bowl of beef noodle soup I will never say no to. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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