Taste of Shunde in Sydney

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Amazing seafood platter

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You know what – I must be the world’s biggest procrastinator for not coming to Taste of Shunde earlier considering my friend’s parents own the restaurant! We would mention it in passing but never get to scheduling a date on the calendar until now, which I’m super happy we did. 

Taste of Shunde is a speciality Cantonese restaurant serving Shunde cuisine, the OG cuisine they use to give to the emperor of China back in the days because the food in Shunde was famous for being the most sophisticated. Countless head chefs in all of China’s history originated from this small town and a lot of the iconic dishes can be found at Taste of Shunde in Kogarah. I don’t think you’ll find them anywhere else in Sydney. 

Taste of Shunde

Shop 15, Lakeside Rd, Eastwood NSW 

We started the night off with roast goose, though depending on the season it may be roast duck. They prepare and air dry the goose in-house everyday themselves and make their own plum sauce. It was super meaty, but still juicy and tender and the skin was thin but also rich in flavour. 

Next, we have fried milk. A dish I never had before, and this milk theme would keep going throughout the meal which I was rather surprised about since south Chinese cuisine or Chinese cuisine in general isn’t known for having a lot of dairy in it. 

roast goose

The fried milk is more like scramble jelly milk. The milk resembles a soft smooth thick puree. The taste is exactly like milk and it was served with handmade fish meat patties that are pounded into a smooth paste and then pan fried. 

fried milk

The star of the show is the steamed seafood platter. A whole array of seafood steamed in three ways and nothing was, (amazingly) over cooked. The oysters were fresh and the scallops were super sweet with the special seafood soy sauce. 

Seafood platter

We then had double skinned milk and coconut milk jelly for dessert. Double skinned milk is a delicate milk pudding that has a similar consistency to tofu pudding. A really subtly sweet pudding dessert that’s can be served warm or cold. 

coconut milk jelly bunnies

The last item I tried that night was a Coconut milk jelly shaped like a cute white bunny rabbit. Super jiggly, super coconut-ty and really nice. I would recommend getting the coconut milk jelly if you had to choose only one dessert to end the night with. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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