Modern Dim Sum at NUVA Hong Kong

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Chinese Fine Dining – Dim Sum

I lost count how many times I had Dim Sum while I was in Hong Kong. I was never disappointed and was sent to a food coma bliss each and every time. 

But I decided NUVA at the Asia World Expo near the airport was worth filming. NUVA is a Cantonese fine dining restaurant serving Dim Sum during the day. Unlike most Dim Sum restaurants, NUVA’s interior is literally (I’m using the word literally properly) award-winning.

With 180 pan ram views of the sea and the dining area flooded with natural light – it already got me in a good mood before I sat down to eat! 


It was Father’s Day in Hong Kong and so of course I let my parents choose where to eat. They instantly chose NUVA, a restaurant that they’ve been many times but this would be my first. 

Like most Dim Sum experiences, its best enjoyed as a group but even as a pair or on your own would be perfectly enjoyable as you enjoy the views and the delicious Dim Sum.

You’ll find all the classics on the menu but also some more innovative dim sums using the same traditional cooking techniques. 


NUVA spring roll
NUVA Spring roll

The prawn spring rolls were so crispy and light – I wish there were more than 3 on a plate. The spring roll had whole prawn inside, super simple but executed so well. 

I don’t know how they made them look like fancy chef hats but it definitely did make the texture more crispy and crunchy. 

We also had a taro dumpling which isn’t commonly found in other places to my knowledge. The exterior looks more similar to a Siu Mai with it’s stumpy cylinder shape, but it’s nothing like a Siu Mai. 

Taro dumpling at NUVA
Taro Dumpling at NUVA

It’s delicately assembled together with a light crumbly skin and taro paste and a scallop lid on top. It was the first time having something like this and it was so good. 

The next thing that makes it to my highlight list is the Char Siu. Char Siu is always nice but the Char Siu at NUVA had a great balance between fat and lean meat throughout the pork which made it extra juicy and tender. The sauce was also really well made. A nice balance of sweet and savoury. 

Char Siu at NUVA
Char Siu at NUVA

I can see why my parents chose this place for Father’s Day lunch. It’s a beautiful restaurant with great service and delicious food. Enough said. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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