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11 THINGS TO DO IN Hong Kong

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There’s so much you can do in Hong Kong and so many places you can go in this small but densely packed city. 

But if you’re short on time and need to start picking and choosing, then here are 11 things to do in Hong Kong. 

1. Go Yum Cha

Dim Sum is probably the most famous type of meal out of Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong’s Yum Cha culture is at the heart of this unique eating experience. 

Yum Cha and dim sum is actually a traditional breakfast meal enjoyed very early. However it is now enjoyed anytime before 3pm. (most dim sum restaurants will close by then to prepare for dinner service) 

Three must try are, the har gap (shrimp dumplings), Siu Mais (pork dumplings) and the barbecue cha siu buns. 

2. Eat Street Food

Hong Kong’s street food scene might not seem like much compared to other Asian destinations, but it is still filled with yummy treats not to be missed. 

Check out my video below on Hong Kong street to know what to eat and where to find it! 

3. Hong Kong Buffet

Hong Kong has everything, from street eats to fine dining, and buffets are no exceptions. 

Buffets in Hong Kong are probably not what you think they are because the good ones are found in 5 star hotels and offer a range of high quality offerings. 

I booked myself a spot at the Mandarin Oriental. There was seafood, roast, cold cuts, braised dishes, Chinese noodles, Sashimi…the list goes on. 

An experience you shouldn’t miss if you’re in town. 

4. Luxury Shopping Mall

Staying on the theme of luxury. Head over to IFC and explore one of many luxury shopping malls this city has to offer. 

Find virtually every luxury brand there is to offer under one roof here. 

IFC is also located in Hong Kong’s CBD, so its a great place to just watch the city in action. Fast paced, on the move, and busy!

5. Bargain Hunting

But if you’re on the hunt for a bargain, then you need to visit one of the night markets in Kowloon. 

A famous one is ladies market in Mong Kok. This night market comes alive with stall after stall filled to the brim with wares. 

Find souvenirs, clothing, bags, shows, toys and more all on this one street. 

Tip: be prepared to haggle and for the crowds!

6. Explore Sheung Wan

This district on the island side is often skipped in articles or tourist guides, but it’s actually one of the most colourful and vibrant neighbourhoods in the city. 

If Sheung wan was a person…it would an elegant hipster. 

Coffee shops, boutique stores, art galleries and other cool finds are to be found at every step here. 

7. Take Photos

Hong Kong is densely packed, famous for their skyline and tall skyscrapers. 

Make the most of it by snapping it all up, because there really aren’t that many cities in the world that light up SO MUCH at night! 

8. Roof Top Bars

Another great way to enjoy the night lights and skyline is going to the roof top bars.

Grab a drink, soak in the city lights and enjoy an experience you can’t really experience anywhere else. 

9. Nightlife

Hong Kong’s famous Lan Kwai Fong is the epicentre of Hong Kong’s nightlife. 

But the price of drinks in this area is…well you might get sticker shock. So there’s a great club called 7/11 where you can grab a drink and still enjoy Hong Kong’s nightlife. 

10. Theme Parks

For a more family friendly activity, you should check out Ocean Park. 

A great theme park that has activities suitable for all ages. Find Hong Kong’s only pandas here and also bunch of other animals as well as theme park rides, carnival games and aquarium!

You can watch my video on my visit to Ocean Park to see how to get there and what’s to offer. 

11. The Peak

The Peak is probably the most visited tourist attraction in the city, because of one reason. 

Its worth it. 

The Peak is an observation deck you can go to see Hong Kong’s beautiful Victoria harbour skyline. (the one on most postcards you saw at the ladies market) 

TIP: get there before the sun sets and reach the top as the sun sets. Watch the city go from day to night at this special place is an experience you won’t forget. 

BONUS TIP: if the line for the peak tram isn’t an option then you can grab a bus or taxi up to the top as well. Though, the tram ride just adds to the experience. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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