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Boba, bubble tea, pearl tea, whatever the name, I’m sure we can agree chewy starchy balls in sweet milky liquid is delicious. However if you’re one of the unfortunate few like myself, then you can’t handle the milky part of the equation, which is why today I’m introducing to a place with a delicious soy milk alternative. (along with a few more goodies)

Here are all the details:


Chatswood Westfield – K405/1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067

I’ve been recommended to visit Bean Code for the longest time by my friends. I finally got a chance to check it out and I was not disappointed at all. 

Bean Code started out with a similar story of great eats. Cindy and Michael wanted a place that served quality soy based boba at a decent price. They couldn’t find it, so they decided to make it.

I tried five items off their menu, starting with a hot soy milk. 

The owners actually went through 20 different soy beans before finding the perfect bean for their soy milk. (I didn’t even know there were 20 different types of soy beans) 

The flavour is rich and the hot drink is hardy that warms the stomach. But you can also get it cold.

soy milk bubble tea

If you thought 20 beans was extensive R&D for soy milk, then you’re going to be amazed with their tofu fa. The owners spent 6 months experimenting before they got their very popular signature tofu. 

The tofu fa isn’t like the typical tofu fa you find in traditional Chinese dessert places. Bean Code’s tofa manages to hold its shape when you scoop it up and doesn’t turn mushy when left too long. However, it’s just as silky smooth and melt in your mouth as the traditional kind. 

Signature tofu

Next up I got to finally try the long anticipated soy milk bubble tea. It’s freshly made soy milk with tea imported direct from Taiwan and freshly made brown sugar boba. It’s like a really rich boba tea with a strong soy flavour.

I also tried black sesame soya milk and tofa. 

I personally love the taste of black sesame and the combination of sesame and soy milk was amazing. The taste of black sesame was very pronounced but you still got the soy milk flavour coming through. 

Black sesame soya milk tofu

Last but not least, and you definitely don’t want to miss this one, is their mochi waffles. Made from a personal blend of flour, each waffle is cooked to perfection. Each waffle has a flaky, crispy outside but a chewy soft inside. It’s rather amazing how they got the combination of textures in one waffle. I also appreciate how it isn’t too sweet. Highly recommend. 

Mochi waffle
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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