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So I have a few cans of spam laying around the house and I thought, why not try and see how many different recipes and dishes I can make with one can of spam? These all ended up being not only really quick to cook up, but also really delicious.

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1. Egg & Spam Sandwich



2 eggs

2 slices of thick cut spam

4 slices of toast



We are starting off simple – you know, ease our way in. 

You probably don’t even need these instructions but… 

1. Slice up a couple slices of spam – personally I don’t like it too thick, and can get about 12-14 slices from each can. 

2. Whisk up a couple eggs and add a bit of oil & salt in. 

3. Get a pan on, splash some oil, fry up a couple pieces of spam, not more than a minute on each side, before taking it out wiping the pan down, re-adding some oil and pouring the eggs in.

4. Toast two pieces of bread.. and then  assemble – spam, egg and cut. Diagonally because that’s meant to taste better.

2. Spam Musubi



3 x slices of spam

1 a cup of rice

1 nori sheet

2 tablespoon soy sauce

1 table sugar



1. First thing before we do anything, get the rice cooking, so that in the time it cooks, we can get everything ready. 

2. Once that’s done, make the marinade for the spam. All you need is soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar – one part soy sauce, one part rice vinegar and one part sugar, mixed together. 

3. Get a relatively thicker piece of spam and once it’s lightly grilled, put some of the sauce you’ve just made onto the spam and let it soak in. Once you’ve done one side, flip it over and then paint the other side too. 

4. While you let your spam sizzle, get yourself a rice mold so you can make the rice hold its rectangular shape – don’t have one? Don’t worry, take your empty can of spam and clean it out – that’s going to be our mold for today. And once that’s done we need to prep our seaweed. 

5. Gently take the nori sheets out of the packaging and split them into thirds.

6. With our spam done, our make shift rice mold clean and our nori sheets prepped, tend to the rice. Scoop the rice out and while you let it cool just a little, get some glad wrap and line your spam can. Once that’s done, scope the rice into the can and then push it in to make it really nice and tight. Push the rice in till it’s around a third of the height of the can and then place on slice of spam in, and then really push it against the mold and then gentle lift it up

7. Wrap your nori sheet around your spam musubi and then you’re done! 

3. Spam Fried Rice



Frozen veggies (carrots, corn, peas)

Rice (preferably left in fridge overnight)

A few slices of spam cubed

2 x eggs

1 clove garlic

2 slices ginger

1/4 shallot

Spring onions

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 tsp sugar



1. First we gotta prep the ingredients, starting with finely chopping the garlic. Then slicing the ginger and chopping up the shallots. 

2. Next up we dice around 4 slices of spam into small cubes, chop up some spring onion, crack open a couple eggs, whisk it and then we are ready to cook.

3. Once you’ve add some oil and heated the pan, put the ginger first, then the shallots, and then the garlic. Next you add your frozen veggies stir it a little before adding in your spam. Before adding the rice, I actually added a bit more oil – don’t skimp on oil when youre making your fried rice – you don’t want it sticking to your pan.

4. Once your rice is added, you just need to work with breaking apart the lumps. Tossing the rice also helps separate it but if you don’t know how to toss it, grab another wooden spoon or chop sticks and just lift it up and throw it back down.

5. Next up we gotta add our sauce to the rice, which is made with 1 tsp soy sauce, 1 tsp rice or white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. We then add the egg on top of the rice and then quickly keep stirring. Add some salt and pepper to it and then stir your chopped spring onions through the rice and there we have it, a beautiful bowl of fried rice.

If you have siracha, add it in, it makes it even better – I promise.


4. Spam and Egg Instant Noodles​



1 egg

2 slices of spam

1 bok choy

Instant noodles of your choice



Now this is simple – you can make this in under 10 minutes. 

1. First thing you gotta do is to cut up your spam. Then heat up your pan before lightly grilling it. At the same time put a pot of water on the boil and once its boiling, put your bok choy in. 

2. Once that’s done, flip your spam and let it grill for a little bit before taking it off the heat. Then wipe the pan off and re -add some oil, because now you’re gonna fry you egg – sunny side up.

3. While you’re waiting for the eggs to fry up, take your veggies out because they’re done, and now open you packet of noodles. Leave the soup mix and the sauce mix for now and put the noodles into that boiling water that just cooked your veggies.

4. As your ramen noodles are cooking, put up a fresh pot of water because we are going to be using that as the soup base and not the water in the pot.

5. Don’t over cook your instant noodles – 3 mins max and then take your noodles out, add the soup mix and the seasoning and add the hot water that you’ve just boiled up.

Gently place your spam, you veggies and your egg and you’re done. 

5. Budea Jiggea​


Serves 2

Kim chi rice cakes

Beef/ chicken broth

4 blocks tofu

1 clove garlic

6-8 slices of spam

1-2 Frankfurt sausages

2 slices of cheese

Enoki mushrooms

Shin ramen


Budea Jiggea translates as army stew, or army based stew, and is an extremely popular Korean hot pot dish.

1. Slice some spam, and also slice the sausages. Next up, clean and cut the enoki mushrooms.

2. Next, the silken tofu. I used about 4 blocks, and cut each block into 4 pieces and then gently put it in like so.

3. If you want, you can add more mushroom, more veggies, slices of meat; it’s really up to you. Then, make sure you add kim chi; put it in the middle of the pot.

4. Mix together your sauce mix which consists of minced garlic, mild gochujang, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar. You can add more gochujang if you want, I just can’t handle too much spice.

5. After that boil up your broth, we used 1 Liter of broth for this and after heating it for about 5 minutes, pour this broth into your pot. 

6. Add your cheese into your hot pot and let your cheese melt through into it. And when it is hot enough, stir in your ramen.



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Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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