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Singapore’s airport is a massive transport hub that many travellers use as a transit stop to get from A to B. In fact, if you fly Singapore airlines does something called a “stopover holiday” where people who stopover at Singapore for more than 24hrs can get free roundtrip airport transport, 1-night hotel stay, free admission to some attractions and a bunch of other cool stuff. You can check the details here:

My trip to Singapore wasn’t a stopover, but if I only had 24 hours to spend in Singapore; I would do the following…

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Breakfast food is always fascinating wherever you go because it’s always different to what you’re use to. 

In Singapore, the go-to breakfast meal for champions is Kopi, Kaya toast and a soft boil egg with soy sauce and white pepper. 

I went to 67 Killiney Kopitiam at 67 Killiney road. 

I ordered a coffee with milk, 2 soft boiled eggs and a Kaya toast. I recommend you give it a go. Dipping your slightly sweet buttery toast into a savoury, peppery, creamy egg is delicious!

Kopi, if you haven’t guessed it already is coffee, and just like in Australia; ordering a cup of coffee is a language in itself. So here’s a cheat sheet to help you out if the owner is too busy tending to his regulars to explain the coffee menu to you. 

Kopi C = coffee with evaporated milk and sugar 

Kopi O = coffee with sugar 

Kopi = coffee with evaporated milk 

Explore Orchard Road

If you go to Singapore then Orchard road will be recommended to you left and right because it’s the main shopping place in the city. You’ll find all the high fashion brands as well as high street fashion brands here in one place. 

Also, its just the a very beautiful place to visit and soak in the city vibes. 

But if shopping isn’t your thing then there’s also one good reason to go to Orchard road.

Ice-cream sandwiches. 

Singapore, like many other South Easy Asian countries has this bread-ice cream combo thing. Each place is slightly different with the type of bread they use and the flavours of ice cream. 

You’ll find many carts along Orchard road selling this ice cream sandwich, which I just had to give it a try. (It’s actually rather hard to find anywhere else around the city) 


Be prepared for afternoon downpours. 

Singapore is located in the subtropics, which means they get sudden showers/ torrential rain out of nowhere. 

Sunny one minute and then sudden torrential rain the next. 

Bring an umbrella (though a small one might not do much in heavy rain), or bring a waterproof jacket. 

Lau Pa Sat (Telok Ayer Market)

A food court with a lot of great options to try local cuisine where locals go eat. 

I got a Hainan chicken rice with some veggies. 

The chicken was juicy, silky smooth and tender. The rice was great and the soup was what I expected. All in all, a great meal at a food court! 


So you’ve been to Orchard road, it’s time to visit Marina Bay, another iconic Singapore symbol. Marina Bay Sands is a hotel, shopping mall, casino in one. 

There’s a roof top garden that you can visit for free which gives you some nice views of Gardens by the bay, which is just nearby. 

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay is this very cool outdoor area with a bunch of attractions you can explore and take photos at. 

I think you could easily spend 2 -3 hours here, maybe more if you’re looking to get those famous instagram shots for your feed.

TIP: Gardens by the bay light show is on overnight at 7:45pm and 8:45pm. 

Dinner at little India

I was in town during Diwali, the Festival of Lights. The best place to experience the beautiful lights, is of course little India. 

I grabbed dinner here at Khansama Tandoori Restaurant which is highly rated. I ordered the chicken tandoori with rice. 

The chicken was great, juicy on the inside but beautifully charred on the outside. 

I was already pretty tired after dinner so I called it a night and headed back to the hotel for an early night in. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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