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Sydney Omakase

(Click play on the video above to see the restaurant and all the food we ordered up close.)

The people behind Kuon – the famously hard to book Omakase located at Hay st, Sydney has moved to across, and in it’s place there is Kappo by Kuon. 

Kappo by Kuon is the lastest edition to the premium Omakase selection Sydney is home to.  

On the outside, AND the inside – Kappo looks very very similar, if not exactly the same at Kuon did. It’s as if they took the store sign down and simply replaced it. But no complaints here, with the same clean lines and wood finishings that give a very warm and calm vibe to the small restaurant. 

Kappo by Kuon


Shop 20/2-58 Little Hay St, Sydney NSW 2000

There were a total of 15 courses served and like classic Omakase style – the chef prepares, assembles and cooks right in front of you. It’s equally about the quality of the service and entertainment as well as the quality of craftsmanship by the chef. 

I won’t turn this review into a moment by moment recount because that would be too much of a spoiler for would-be goers (though if you want the spoiler just click to watch the video above) I do want to however, go over what I thought were highlights of the meal. 

Otoro sushi

The sushi rice. Before you raise an eyebrow at me. 

It really was THAT good. It’s the stuff you hear about from foodie nerds when they talk about what sushi rice SHOULD taste like, well I thought Kappo had that text-book definition sushi rice. It was a balanced sweet and tart from the rice vinegar mixed in. You could feel each individual grain, but not being too hard. It was just REALLY GOOD SUSHI RICE. 

And the sushi they made with it were all delicious, some of the standouts for me where the Otoro sushi and chutoro sushi. The tuna belly had great marbling that melted in your mouth and the chutoro was firmer and meatier. 

Tofu milk pudding

Another Standout for the night was the dessert – a mineoka tofu with rhubarb sauce and pistachio crumbs. Mineoka tofu is a traditional dish that’s normally served savory but has recently in times become a milky tofu pudding of sorts. 

Kappo really brought this classic Japanese dish and paired it with non-Japanese flavors such as the tart rhubarb and the nutty pistachios. I loved it. 

Overall, I think this does provide a new experience to the Omakase scene in Sydney and at the price of $180 (at the time of visiting) for 15 courses – it’s comparatively cheap to other options in the city.  

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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