Hot Pot at Haymarket’s Dolar Shop

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Dolar Shop at Haymarket

There’s so many hotpot places in Sydney, we’re almost spoilt for choice. 

However, there’s only a handful that are serving high quality hotpot that rivals the likes you find in China itself. 

Dolar Hotpot is arguably one of these places. You’ll find a crowd of people waiting for a table outside often, so you better book a table if you wish to visit. 

Here are all the details:

Dolar Shop

Market City 1909 Dining Precinct Level 3,9-13 Hay Street Haymarket NSW 2000

Dolar Shop originated in Macau but has expanded all over China and the world with locations in USA, Canada and Australia. 

Macau isn’t famous for having a history of hotpot, but it is famous for magically merging eastern and western flavours together well with it’s Portuguese history and Cantonese heritage. 

What you get at Dolar Shop is an emphasis on fresh high quality meats, fresh premium seafood and flavours that take on more complex profiles similar to Cantonese soups. 


We booked a private room when I went with friends. 

The whole atmosphere was comfortable, the room was spacious and I love the fact that everyone get’s an individual pot instead of sharing one in the middle. It makes it easier to not lose what you put in the pot and it feels more hygienic. (though using separate chopsticks with a big pot in the middles essentially achieves the same thing) 

And like any good high-end hotpot place, there is unlimited free fruit which I love. Another trademark of any good hotpot place is the level of service you get. Everyone was delightful to interact with and more than willing to help me with any little thing I requested. 

The sauce bar was also excellently designed. Great care and design was taken to show how to make your perfect sauce dipping, which is a great help for anyone who hasn’t had hotpot before. 

Overall my experience at Dolar Shop was fantastic. I throughly enjoyed my visit. The service was great, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was on point.

Watch my video above to see the full review of what I ordered.  

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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