Singapore Universal Studios Review

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singapore universal studios 

Theme parks are awesome, but a theme park with all your favourite movie characters is even better. 

Which is why I had to go to Universal Studios while in Singapore. 

Singapore has this dedicated entertainment area on Sentosa island. Sentosa is just south of the main city state and a big chunk of it is actually from reclaimed land. 

There’s an indoor beach, multiple adventure parks, animal related attractions like the butterfly park, and of course, Universal studios to name just a few. 

How to get there:

Get on the MRT system and go to Harbour Front station. 

From there you can grab a bus to Sentosa. The bus number is RWS8 and it’s just $1. 

The bus brings you to Sentosa’s underground bus terminal/ carpark area and once you get off the bus you’re immediately in the thick of all the different attractions. 

What to do there:

There’s 6 themed zones: 

  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Sci-fi city
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The lost world 
  • Far far away
  • Madagascar 

Each themed area is based on a movie, which I won’t list out because that you be a more spoiler. However I’m sure a few of you movie buffs reading it can guess what movies each zone is based on. 

There’s a total of 16 rides for a range of age and height, which I think is great if you’re a family with small kids. 

But other than the rides there’s also countless activities, mini-shows and fun photo spots. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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