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Darling Square

Darling Square is one of the city’s newest entertainment spots with a lot of great food concentrated in one place – making a great day out if you want to graze your way through a relaxing afternoon.


Today I went with a plan to show you my favourite spots, but unfortunately many of them weren’t opened. But I’m not a quitter and Darling Square has more than just the four. 


Which means Darling Square is going to get a part 2 some time in the future. 

Edition Coffee Roasters

60 Darling Dr, Haymarket NSW 2000

Edition Coffee Roasters is one of my top coffee spots. Everytime I am nearby I have to pop in to get a coffee, even if I’ve already gotten one for the day. 


It’s a Scandinavian and Japanese inspired coffee shop that roast their own coffee beans. They specialise in single origin brews and also have a great menu of light bites. 

Editions coffee Janice Fung


The Exchange, T05/1 Little Pier St, Haymarket NSW 2000

Toastiesmith is a toast sandwich chain with a few locations around Sydney. They’s famous for thick slices of bread that are slightly toasted but still soft and fluffy inside and generous amounts of filling. 


I got the “Shrimp in the Egg” which consists of creamy scrambled eggs with garlic shrimp and sliced cheese, topped with a mix of sauces together. 

Toastiesmith Janice Fung

Kusuka Indonesian Cafe Sydney

Shop 7/13 Little Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000

Kusuka is a small cafe offering a modern western take on classic Indonesian dishes. I ordered their Hekeng and Risoles. I personally preferred the Hekeng more as the texture reminded me of the fish ball texture you get in Chinese dishes, but you still clearly tasted the chicken and shrimp meat in the patty. 


I was recommended the drink “Royalty” while I was ordering, an it was delightfully refreshing. The sweetness of the lychee and sourness of calamansi, fizz of the carbonated soda and the slight mint at the end really helped me survive the hot day. 

Hekeng Janice Fung

Kürtősh - Darling Square

Shop 1, 16 Nicolle Walk Darling Square, Haymarket NSW 2000

To end the day – I got takeout for my sister at Kurtosh. Kurtosh is a bakery known for their Hungarian Chimney cake. They make them to order so each chimney cake is deliciously warm with a crispy sugared exterior and fluffy interior. They come with many different types and I got the pistachio kurtosh this time. 

They do not skimp on the nuts at all, they completely cover your kurtosh in pistachios while the sugar glaze is still hot – creating a perfect sugar glue for your toppings. 

Pistachio Kurtosh chimney cake
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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