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5 iconic cheap eats you gotta try

Cantonese food is found almost every corner of the world, and Hong Kong is the food meca of Cantonese cuisine. 

HOWEVER, today isn’t about stir frys or seafood.

Today I’m taking you to 5 iconic Hong Kong places to grab cheap but delicious Hong Kong eats.

Tip: sharing a table with strangers is common in Hong Kong and don’t expect good service at any of these places.

Here are all the details:


2 Gage St Central, Hong Kong

This local diner is popular among locals and tourists alike. So expect a line if you pay them a visit. 

Lan Fong Yuen is famous for their Hong Kong style milk tea and pork chop buns. If you’re going to order anything after waiting in line, it’s going to be those! 

The milk tea is incredibly smooth, silky even. 

Hong Kong milk tea is made from a very strong and concentrated tea base that is filtered using a thick muslin material then served with condensed milk. The end product is a very strong bitter, but also smooth and sweet milk tea. 

The pork bun is unassuming. Actually, you might get annoyed when you see if after waiting in line for so long. 

BUT, it is…good. 

Worth it? Probably not. You could get a similar pork bun in another diner easily, however the milk tea is something you won’t easily find elsewhere. 

If you’re in the area and you have the time. Grab a milk tea to go!


38 Kweilin St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Located in a working class area, Sham shui po is full of interesting upper floor stores you can explore, but I’m not here to go thrift shopping. 

I’m here for a minced beef and egg sandwich. 

Like every other item on this list. It looks unremarkable. However, it’s all about the details. 

The beef was so juicy and full of beef flavour, while the egg was smooth. The bread is slightly toasted which added a nice added flavour to the experience. 

Worth trying if you’re in the area. 


48 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Just a few steps away from Sun Hang Yuen, we have Lau Sum Kee Noodle House. 

In the city that is famous for their wonton noodles; Lau Sum Kee Noodle House manages to be famous for its wonton noodle soup! (I’m impressed already) 

But it gets better. 

While I was there, a (I’m assuming a regular) was so eager to show me her order so I could film it and show more people how good the noodles and wontons are at this place. 

Yes, it is SO good, their customers actively promote for them. 

And it was good. 

The broth was light with a sweet fresh prawn flavour. The noodles were springy and the wontons were so fresh! So so fresh and seasoned well. 

Other than the filling, wontons and other dumplings are judged by their wrapper. 

And the wontons here were perfect. The skin was so thin but still held together and kept its shape! 


2 Mee Lun Street, Central Hong Kong

Sing Heung Yuen is a street side stall famous for their tomato noodles and toasted buns with condensed milk. It’s one of the last remaining street food stalls left in Hong Kong as the government no longer issues licenses for such businesses. 

So you better try it while it’s still around because business licenses can’t be transferred! (once the owner retires, it’s all gone…)

I ordered tomato and beef noodles, as well as a toasted bun with condensed milk. The noodles are a basic instant ramen sort of affair but the tomato based broth is extremely rich. It’s almost like a diluted tomato puree; that’s how rich the tomato broth is. 

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but…it was simply delicious. 

It looks like its only made of 3 ingredients and yet, it tastes really good. 

The toasted bun with condensed milk was a similar experience. It’s just amazingly simply, but amazingly delicious. 

The bun was toasted perfected. Crispy outer layer, soft airy inside, generously buttered and then coated with sweet condensed milk. 

It just hits the spot!

Highly recommend.


47 Parkes Street Jordan, Hong Kong

I’m not sure how they got their name, other than the fact that they are famous for their double skin steamed milk. 

But I didn’t get that this time since I wanted a proper meal. Instead I got something they are also famous for – their scrambled eggs. 

I ordered their tea set which comes with buttered toast, ham & eggs, cha siu noodle soup and a Hong Kong style milk tea. 

The eggs was so incredibly smooth, silky, velvety, (any other adjective that does these eggs justice). 

I don’t know how eggs can be so velvety, but they are. A rich eggy flavour, slightly seasoned and just a luxurious velvety mouth feel. 

Everything else was pretty standard. Yummy food, but nothing to shout home about. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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