Kitchens on Kent – Langham Hotel Seafood Buffet

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Kitchens on kent seafood buffet

One of Sydney’s famous hotels, The Langham Sydney offers a dinner buffet service brimming with seafood. I visited Kitchens on Kent to try every item they have on their buffet spread so you didn’t have to. 


Note: the selection does change from time to time depending on theme and season. 

Kitchens On Kent

89-113 Kent St, Millers Point NSW 2000

Price per person at time of visit for dinner buffet service: $130 

Kitchen on Kent is conveniently located on the ground floor at The Langham Sydney. I’ve wanted to try their dinner service for the longest time, but wasn’t sure if the $130 price tag was justified until many people recommended the place after trying the new Epicurean buffet. 

Decor-wise the seating was comfortably spaced, but was noticeably louder which would make it great larger gatherings or families. The overall lighting, and layout of the buffet spread was also easy to get around with plenty of space for people to move around. (At the time of visiting the food was served to you at your table instead of self-service.) 

Each person for dinner service gets a lobster tail and a complimentary drink alone with the limitless amounts of all the other dishes on offer as well as the limitless juice bar.

We started our night with oysters, which were deliciously fresh and creamy. I continued with the seafood, trying almost every crustacean, sashimi, and chilled seafood available.

Overall all the seafood was fresh and pleasant. 

Afterwards I moved on to hot dishes, where there was a varied selection Indian hot dishes, including my personal favourite – Butter chicken. 

There were also traditional roast cuts available, which I happily tried everything. Though was slightly disappointed when all the meats were on the tougher side.  

The selection of desserts on offer at Kitchen on Kent would be loved by any dessert lover. There were a lot of winners in this department, from the vanilla pan cotta with mixed berry compote to the tiramisu. I would even daringly say you could fill yourself with dessert at this buffet, not touch anything else and leave with (not many) no regrets. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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