Hidden Nonya Cuisine in Sydney

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Peranakan Place Nonya Cuisine in Sydney

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Have you ever heard of Nonya cuisine, Peranakan cuisine? 

Don’t worry if you answer no. Not many people outside South East Asia have. 

Nonya cuisine comes from the Peranakan people. Descendants of merchants and traders from China who settled in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. 

Nonya cuisine came about over hundreds of years of intermarriage and cultural assimilation, where Chinese cooking methods paired with local spices and ingredients to create distinctively unique flavours. 

So, when I found out there was a Nonya restaurant in Sydney…I picked up my phone and booked a table right away!

Peranakan Place Nonya Cuisine

Address: 139 Parramatta Rd, Auburn

Website: https://www.peranakanplace.com.au

They only open from Friday – Sunday

What to expect?

Expect flavourful aromatic dishes, strong meaty curries, and delicate refined desserts. 

Nonyas (female Peranakans) where highly regarded for their cooking skills. Having earned a reputation for being good cooks. 

What I got and think you should too?

Teochew Duck

Super tender duck that’s already deboned for you, in a very savoury rich sauce. 

It also has bean curd, braised hard boil egg and cucumbers along with it, but the main attraction has got to be the duck. 

Beef Rendang

Soft, tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef with a nice hint of spice and a lot of aromatics. 

Goes perfectly well with the coconut rice. 

Hainanese chicken rice

I’m a massive fan of chicken rice, so I had to order this when I saw it on the menu. 

The chicken was tender, silky smooth and juicy. Exactly what you want from your Hainanese Chicken rice. 

Oyster Omlette

Doesn’t look appetising at all, but the oysters were super fresh and the flavours were really nice. 

Kang Kong with Belacan

Stir fry water spinach with a real spicy kick to it. The flavours goes really well with rice, but you might also want a glass of water nearby if you can’t handle spice too well. 

Prawn Laksa

Not as spicy as you would expect a laksa to be. The soup has a very creamy coconut base and overall, a very tasty prawn laksa. 

Fish Head Curry

A famous dish in Malaysia and Singapore, this curry is savoury, tart as well as spicy. Very appetising flavours with chunks of fish meat and vegetables.

Almond Pudding

Two words. Absolutely. Delicious. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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