Barrenjoey Lighthouse

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Barrenjoey lighthouse

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse is a heritage listed lighthouse along a famous coastal walk that has many people flocking there for the beautiful scenery, whale watching and instagram worthy photo shots. 

Barrenjoey Lighthouse is as far north as you can go within Sydney. About an hours drive from the city centre, this lighthouse has amazing views overlooking Palm beach. 

You can also take the L90 bus from Wynyard station. 

Other than the beautiful beach and scenic walk, the area’s other claim to fame is the filming area of the famous Home and Away show. Palm beach being the famous fictional “Summer bay” within the show. 

How to start the walk?

The trail starts at the end of Governor Philip car park  past The Boathouse Cafe. There, you’ll see a trail taking you up the peninsula hill top to the lighthouse. 

Tip: Go to the washroom before you start the walk because there’s no restroom along the way up, or at top either. 

The path takes about 30 minutes with some areas being a bit steep, but overall most people shouldn’t have a problem.

Once you’re up there you’ll be met with some amazing views over Palm beach and Broken bay. There’s also the actually lighthouse itself which you can take a guided tour on Sundays and a few cottages. There are no shops, toilets, or cafes at the top so be warned if you find yourself thirsty or hungry once you’re up there. 

I suggest you grab lunch before you go at a place called Cafe Monaka. 

2/24 Waratah St, Mona Vale NSW 2103

A beautiful, relaxing Japanese cafe serving Japanese teas, ice cream and delicious casual dining options. 


Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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