Where to buy A5 Wagyu Beef in Sydney?

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Osawa enterprise
in Strathfield

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We’ve all heard of Wagyu as this top tier, god-like level of beef quality. 

We’ve heard of the countless stories of cows getting massages, drinking beer and living their best lives to produce the best beef.


But what exactly is Wagyu? 


Well today I went to Osawa Enterprises to find out. They’re the leading importers of Wagyu beef in Sydney – supplying premium Japanese Wagyu to all the high end Japanese restaurants in the city. 


So here’s a summary of my 101 lesson on Wagyu beef. 

  • Wagyu beef is Japanese cattle, reared in small quantities compared to other industrialised beef farming.
  • There’s many types of Wagyu, each type being a specific breed of cattle. 
  • A specific brand of Wagyu comes from a specific farm, which makes the supply low and the price…well, high. 
  • Not all Wagyu are fed beer or given massages, but it’s safe to say Wagyu are some of the best cared for cows in the livestock industry. 
  • Premium Wagyu has a grading system to measure a cow’s overall yield as well as marbling. The highest grade is A5.
  • Real Wagyu beef all come with certification where you can track the lineage of every single cow. (That blew my mind!)

Osawa Enterprises

Address: 6B 1-21 Madeline Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136

Website: https://wagyubeefaustralia.com.au

Check their website for pick-up, opening hours as well as delivery services. I went on a Saturday morning without pre-ordering.

What you shouldn't miss out on:

100 Days Old Dry-Aged Wagyu

The drying process means you can actually eat it straight without cooking like prosciutto. 


The flavour is so rich and concentrated, but also mellowed out. I’m not going to even try to act like I have the vocabulary to describe this. If you have the chance, I say it’s worth a try at least once in your life because it will cost you $60/ 200g (at the time of my purchase) 

100 day dry-aged wagyu beef

Kobe Beef Rib Cap Slice

Thinly sliced Kobe beef, perfect if you’re planning on having a Korean barbecue, a Japanese Yakiniku or just any sort of grilling style cooking. 

Super tender with a “literal” melt-in-your-mouth experience from the insane marbling you get. 

Kagoshima Chuck Eye Log Steak

I got a 300g cut, but because it was thinly sliced, it cooked so incredibly fast. 


The flavours were so intense and incredible – every bite, didn’t require biting. It was so soft and tender and the beef fat gave the steak such a rich aroma of meaty flavours. 


At $42 (at time of purchase), this was incredibly affordable for what you’re getting. 

Kobe Beef Chuck Roll Yakiniku Slice

Another slice cut perfect for grilling or fast cooking methods. 

The flavours were exactly like the Kobe beef rip cap slice, but the texture was less buttery soft than the rib cap since Chuck roll tends to have a slightly less fat content. 


HOWEVER, it’s A5 Wagyu, so it was still insanely good. A great cheaper option. 

A5 Wagyu beef slices

Honestly there's more

I obviously didn’t buy every single cut and type they had to offer, and the selection I got was only a fraction of what they offer. 

However, I feel like I can safely say if you’ve never tried Wagyu before. Or you’ve only tried Australian Wagyu, Mix bred Wagyu, then you should give Japanese Wagyu a try. 

It’s definitely worth it, and you might hate me afterwards because you won’t be able to go back to non-Wagyu afterwards. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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