Top 10 Japanese Street Food

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Top 10 Japanese Street Eat/ Experiences

I absolutely love Japanese food and have been to Japan a fair number of times over the years just to eat. 

The steaming hot bowls of ramen, the extremely fresh sashimi and the various street eats you can find are a must while in Japan. 

Which is why I’m going to share with you my top 10 Japanese street eat experiences I think you should also experience!

1. Booth Ramen

I feel like no trip is complete unless you’ve had a bowl of ramen.

And there’s no better place than to have it at Ichiran Ramen where you’re seated in small individual booths and served through a small window at your seat. 

The ramen is tasty and the whole dining experience is something to remember. 

2. 100 Yen Sushi Train

Sushi at 100 yen a piece is…well the cheapest sushi you’ll find. 

Go to a sushi train restaurant and experience great value for money. Fresh sushi at unbeatable prices. 

Also the sushi train restaurants in Japan have cool features many sushi trains overseas don’t have. 

3. Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is loved by locals – especially during winter. 

Delicious slices of meat, a rich but light broth and savoury dipping sauces. What not to like? 

There are plenty of shabu shabu restaurants to be had in Japan. But I personally went to a rather well known all-you-can-eat one in Tokyo. 

You can watch my full experience here. 

4. Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a popular street food in Japan, but can be especially found in Osaka. 

It’s a batter ball filled with octopus meat that’s fried in these cast iron pans, then covered in sauces and fragrant bonito flakes.


5. Okinomiyaki

Another popular street food/ fast food from Osaka is Okinomiyaki. 

A flour batter mixed with various ingredients grilled and then topped with a whole bunch of other ingredients and sauces. Okinomiyaki comes is many flavours and topping but they’re all very satisfyingly savoury. 

6. Japan Street Food Markets

Japanese street food markets are mostly designated areas where the whole street is lined with shops selling their food at the front of their stores. 

This is where you will find really interesting small bites and the best part is everything tastes great!

Get grilled meat skewers, famously expensive Japanese fruit, chewy creamy mochi and a whole bunch of other things. 

7. Cremia Ice-cream

A seriously soft, creamy smooth soft serve in a delicately sweet, crispy biscuit cone – creme ice-cream is a must try even if you’re lactose intolerant like I am. 

The ice-cream is made from a super rich cream from Hokkaido, which is also the place famous for their milk cows. 

8. Hand-made Udon

Hand-made udon is hard to find outside Japan, and if you do find a place making hand-made udon, then it’s not going to be as cheap. 

Try this Japanese street food experience and taste the difference in texture and flavour for yourself. 

It’ll be the best bowl of udon you’ve ever had. 

9. Hand-made Soba

Hand-made Soba noodles is equally hard to find outside Japan at such affordable prices, and the expertise in making these noodles can’t be beat. 

If you find your regular dry soba noodles from a packet yummy, you will be sent to foodie heaven when you have them freshly made.

10. Convenience Stores

Convenient stores in Japan is a whole sub-food culture of its own. You can eat nothing but convenient food all day and not have to repeat a single item. 

In fact, a lot of Japanese people buy their meals at convenience stores. It’s that good and it’s that affordable. 

Find bento boxes, udon, noodles, curries, Onigiri etc. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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