The Star Sydney Harvest Buffet Review

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Harvest Buffet

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After many comments consistently asking for a review on this iconic spot in Sydney – I am finally trying it out. Harvest buffet is a buffet restaurant at The Star, where we have the city’s casino and also event venues for some big shows throughout the year. 

I’m sure every visitor, tourist and even local Sydneysider has stepped foot into The Star at least once. Myself included. There’s a few restaurants as well as small cafes that I like to drop by when im in this corner of the city. But we didn’t come to do a food trail, no, tonight was all about the seafood buffet.

Harvest Buffet

The Star – 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont

Price per person at time of visit for dinner buffet service: $89.9

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Harvest buffet is located at The Star. You can easily get here by public transport if you take the lighrail. If you drive like I did, you can also take advantage of parking offers they have from time to time. 


They were doing 3 hours of free parking from mon-fri before 5pm or after 10pm when I went. I couldn’t take advantage of it because of my booking times, but it’s something to consider if your time is more flexible. 

Harvest buffet has several stations, split into different categories you usually find at a buffet. You have your cold seafood station, your salad bar, your cheese and cold cut area, roast meats, cooked dishes and desserts. 

harvest buffet interior

Harvest buffet has several stations, split into different categories you usually find at a buffet. You have your cold seafood station, your salad bar, your cheese and cold cut area, roast meats, cooked dishes and desserts. I might have missed a few, but overall the selection and range was plenty to satisfy most people. 

I couldn’t find a sashimi bar while I was there which was unfortunate as I love sashimi. I also think it’s the easiest way to figure out if a buffet place is serving fresh food. 

However saying that, the cold seafood available were all fresh, and if I wasn’t alone I would have had more but I needed to TRY. EVERYTHING. AT. LEAST. ONCE. to do this review justice.

or so that was the goal. 

Round 2 was an Italian themed plate of pasta, pizza and anti-pasta dishes. Everything was flavourful and well seasoned. I liked how I was able to get the food on my own – that way I was able to get a little bit of everything instead of having a massive plate of carbs! 

Round 3 was an Indian themed plate with curries, naan bread and other items in the same section. I also got myself some of the pork belly because it was freshly out of the oven when I walked passed. 

Round 4 was fish, meats and sides. I pretty much went throug the stations to grab a bite of every sort of protein and odd side dish available. And without spoiling the video for you, the truffle potato mash was the clear winner out of my 4th plate. 

Round 5 was a continuation of the odd protein and sides available. The was a very clear loser on this plate unfortunately. The lamb was super tough and chewy, which was a bit unfortunate since the entire buffet didn’t have many lamb dishes to begin with.  

Round 6 was a more East Asian food themed plate. They had a Chinese roast meat station where they would cut you portions of whatever you want on the spot, and I was super lucky that the lady gave me a roast duck leg. A.K.A the best part of the duck. 


I also ordered a bowl of soup noodles which didn’t disappoint nor excite. It was just a simple solid bowl of soup noodles.

To finish the night off, I still had the wide range of desserts available to get through. I tried my best to not waste food but also get a nice selection to taste test. 


In the end I really did try my best to try as much as I could to do this review justice. Harvest buffet isn’t the most expensive but it’s definetly not the cheapest in town. The seafood was fresh, but the selection was a little limited, and that also goes for the number of hot dishes as well. However for the price point as well as the convenient of location, I think this a great place for the family or a group. Everyone gets to choose what they like and it’s not going to be carb heavy cheap dishes with little protein or skill needed to make. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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