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Thanon Khaosan is a well-known and loved Thai restaurant in Thai Town. You can’t miss the wall of Thai snacks and treats laid out at the front of the store for passersby to grab and go. It’s a casual friendly restaurant perfect for dinner after work or to grab a quick lunch at. 

I went for lunch with a friend and instead of just ordering my usual go-to dishes – I tried some new items as well.  

Thanon Khaosan

413 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000

We started the night with a chicken pad thai. This is a staple whenever I have Thai food. The noodles at Thanon Khaosan had a nice chew and bite to them. The portion size was generous and I enjoyed the nice kick of spice you don’t usually find in a pad thai.

Next we have the salmon Chaa Para – a raw salmon salad. I might be wrong but I don’t think salmon can be found in Thailand indigenously, and therefore I’m not sure if this is a version of a traditional dish or a Thanon Khaosan creation. However, it was super appetising and had that classic combination of thai flavours – savoury, tart, slightly spicy and sweet. 

Pad thai

The papaya salad is something I also have to order almost every time I have thai food. The papaya salad in Thanon Khaosan can’t be faulted. It’s crunchy fresh, salty, tart and sweet with a good kick of spice. 

We also had a BBQ pork cheek, because the meal needed more protein. Pork cheek is a great cut of meat if you know how to cook it and this was done really well. Nice amount of fat, tender and juicy with a great sweet marinade on the outside. 

Salmon salad

Last but not least – something sweet to end the meal. I didn’t plan to order this one but they were making them fresh and the savoury creamy sweet smell of it made me want one. Thai crepes come in various variations, but I got the sweet egg yolk and marshmallow fluff. 

thai crepe
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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