Thai Smile AirWays Food Review!

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Thai Smile Food review

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Thai Smile Airways Economy Class, Airbus A320-200 from Hong Kong to Bangkok is only a short 2 hour flight. 

I wasn’t expecting a meal, so when the trolley came rolling down the alleyway with trays of food handed out…I was delightfully surprised. 

Thai Smile Airways

Route: Hong Kong > Bangkok

What to expect?

It was a basic three part meal you find in most economy flights. A starter, a main and then a dessert. 

My meal had a Thai prawn salad, Chicken curry and a Mango Mousse. 

The Thai prawn salad wasn’t bad at all. Again, I was just shocked I got served food on such a short flight. And it was a budget airline too! 

The salad was slightly tart, the vegetables had a nice crunch. A solid salad. 

The chicken curry was the main surprise though. If I closed my eyes and took a bite, I honestly couldn’t tell it was plane food. It was that good. 

I would actually happily order it if I could. 

The chicken was tender and it wasn’t dry. The flavours were nice with nice spices and herbs. 

The mango mousse wasn’t really my favourite, but I didn’t hate it at all. 

Overall a big thumbs up considering I was on a budget airline and on a short 2 hour flight. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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