Sydney’s cheapest Omakase?

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Sydney Omakase

(Click play on the video above to see the full experience.) 

Omakase dining experiences have been popping up around the city like mushrooms in the past few years, and I’m all for it.

I think I can speak on behalf of all who love Japanese food – It’s great to have such a wide selection of options to make the average waiting list of each shorter hahaha! 

But Omakase isn’t know for being a casual meal you can have on a weekly basis. It can be rather expensive. And so, today I’m heading to You Sushi at Surry Hills to experience a 19 course Omakase for just $118. One of the cheapest I’ve had in Sydney so far. 

Gou Sushi

Gou Sushi

Shop 2/30 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Stepping into Gou Sushi is a simple layout of seats around the middle of the cooking station where you see the two chefs creating your food for you. There’s no light beige wood and soft orange light or meticulously coordinated dining ware here. But it’s spacious, comfortable and clean. 

The meal starts with a 4-way sashimi platter. Before two courses of sushi. I really liked the sushi rice here because it had a nice amount of vinegar. 

Sydney omakase restaurant

Chef Rio has almost 20 years of sushi experience working in many establishments in Sydney and now owning Gou Sushi. He’s friendly, chatty and provides that signature Omakase dining vibe. 

The meal continues with a Kobachi 3 kinds, that consisted of asparagus, egg tofu and a fried fishball, before continuing with more sushi. The sushi were all fresh and well made and the set menu consisted of mostly sushi with a miso soup, handrail and a ox tongue Katsu. 

ox tongue Katsu

I think overall Gou provides a great introductory experience to anyone new or unsure about Omakase. Every bite tasted great but it did lack the depths of flavours from other options around town and the variety of dishes within the set. Which might explain the price difference. 

However, I still had a great time with my friends and the food was still fantastic enough to want to go again during their normal dining service. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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