Yakitori Yurippi In Crows Nest, Sydney

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The best yakitori restaurant in Sydney

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The best yakitori restaurant in Sydney (in my humble opinion) is Yakitori Yurippi in Crows Nest. 

I’ve been going to Yakitori Yurippi for years and they never disappoint. 

Which is why today I want to introduce this great place to you guys. Here’s my go to order items as well as some tips to make your visit the best possible. 

What is Yakitori?

Yakitori is charcoal grilled chicken skewers, but the term is commonly used for all types of Japanese charcoal grilled skewers. 

Yakitori restaurants are found everywhere in Japan as it is a popular after work drinks place. More a bar than a restaurant. 

And Yakitori Yurippi has just that vibe. A large selection of Japanese beers and spirits are available with two on tap. My favourite being Asahi Black. 

What to order?

Chicken Soft Bone

Chicken cartilage might not sound appetising but the soft and crunchy texture is a great pairing with beer. 

Pork Belly

Beautiful layers of fat and meat from pork belly make this cut perfect for grilling. Tender, fatty and delicious!

Pork Jowl

Another super fatty tender cut is pork jowls that you really don’t want to miss out on. The charcoal fire gives the jowls a smoky flavour that makes it oh so yummy. 

Chicken Meatball with 63 Degree Egg

A bit of a mouth full, but an absolute must try. A soft boiled egg is served in a bowl with a seasoned and spiced chicken meatball skewer. 

Break the egg yolk up and dip your meatball in the yolky goodness for a very savoury, creamy and meaty experience. 

Grilled Rice Balls

This thick onigiri looks unimpressive, but I personally really like it. 

There’s no filling inside, but is seasoned on the outside depending on what flavour you ordered. The rice ball is then grilled and then wrapped with a leaf of nori. 

What you get is a smoky, slightly chewy but also crispy, sweet and salty experience that warms your stomach. (great for soaking up all that beer…)


Pre-book yourself a table to avoid being disappointed. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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