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There is never a bad time for ramen – it’s just one of those dishes that’s a comfort food that always hits the spot. It’s a perfect winter food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it in summer – and so even though we are in the middle of Spring right now, we are going on a Ramen Food Tour here in Sydney. So hold on tight, unbutton your jeans because we are going on an epic food tour right now. 

Here are all the details:


161 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia

Yasaka ramen is located in Neutral Bay which is home to a lot of cool and amazing eats. 

But that’s for another day.

Today, I ordered one of their classic bowls. The Shin Yasaka Ramen with Tonkotsu shoyu broth. A.K.A broth heaven from hours of boiling down pig trotter bones!

Japanese ramen typically has 3 different types of broth, Shio, Shoyu and Miso. My favourite is the Shoyu because it’s the richest in flavour. The appearance of the broth is opaque from the fat, marrow and bones breaking down and fulling incorporated with water. 

The consistency of the broth was slightly thicker than water. Slightly rich, but not greasy. At Yasaka ramen, you can taste the hours of work put into the broth. 

And it makes every spoonful a delight.

The ramen noodles were the traditional ramen noodles made from wheat flour. I don’t know if they are made in-house, but they’re extremely well made.

Great chewy bite, and refused to go soggy or soft in the broth.

Lastly the condiments on top. The pork belly slices were delicious. The layers of fat and meat in the pork belly were perfect. 

Not too much fat that it becomes fatty and greasy. And not too much meat that it’s rough and dry. The pork slices were soft, tender and very flavourful. 


Crows Nest: 125 Falcon St, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia
Bondi Junction: 106 Ebley St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia 

This is a very popular ramen spot in Sydney and you probably have heard of it before. They started in crows nest in 2003 and now have another location in Bondi. 

They’re claim to fame is actually the first PORK ramen place opened in Sydney. Can you believe that!? We didn’t have one before that!

I went to the Bondi location today because I knew crows nest would be too busy for me to film with my bulky camera gear. 

Also, it’s great chance to see if Bondi tastes just as great as the original spot. 

I got their number ranked ramen, which is the Pork Soy Sauce Flavoured Soup. Which, on arrival you can tell it uses a Tonkotsu soup base, and it’s not just soy sauce made into a soup. 

The depth of flavour is complex, warming and deliciously umami. A signature of good Japanese cuisine is the ability to never make it overly salty, but still salty. (doesn’t that make sense)

The noodles at Ryo was more white in colour than the typical yellowish ramen noodles you get at most places. And the noodles took on the broth flavour more, without being soggy and still retaining its chew. 

I’m not sure if my assumption is correct, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the noodles are made in-house. 

The pork slice. was. A-MAZE-ING. 

It was like eating the solid form of the broth. The pork turned almost into butter. Instant melt in your mouth and bursting with all the flavours of the broth. 

Yup. I drank every last drop of this one too. 


Shop 4/81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia

Another one in Neutral Bay. (told ya Neutral bay has some very cool eats. Explore the place when you have time) 

Itchibandori is normally full, but I timed my visit to miss the lunch rush as well as the dinner rush to get a table right away. 

I got their signature ramen, which is a Chashu ramen in Tonkotsu and Torigara soup. Which basically means, it uses chicken bones during the broth making process. 

The broth is less thick and rich because of this, which gives it a lighter taste and texture. BUT not lighter in flavour. 

Still heaps of flavour! 

The noodles, again where the typical wheat flour noodles you expect. The noodles weren’t soggy, held their own in the broth. However it doesn’t have as much of a chew compared a few other places on this list. 

The chargrilled Chashu was breaking away as I lift it up with chopstick, which is always a good sign when you’re  eating meat! 

Super soft, super tender and the flavours were all there. 

Each component of the bowl was cooked really well. The pork was tender, the vegetables were still crunchy, the egg was perfectly soft boiled. Everything seems simple on its own, but as a bowl together…I appreciate the effort and execution. 

I drank every last sip of it! 


66b Regent St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Unfortunately Rara ramen was a little too loud to film in. So you’ll just have to go there  yourself to see what it looks like. (it sounds like I’m trying to encourage you to go, and I am, but really, I couldn’t use any of the footage because the background sound was so bad)

I ordered the Rara Tonkotsu. 

The broth was VERY opaque and rich. A little bit bordering salty, but not unpleasant. It wasn’t too thick in consistency, which makes me think the broth must have been filtered in order to get such rich flavour without the typical thickness. 

The noodles had a lot of chew. (I’m sorry I made such horrible notes on my phone.)

The pork was thicker than other places and it was still soft. However it was lacking fat which gives ramen pork that signature soft buttery-ness. 


Eating World Food Court, 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Located in at the famous Eating World Food Court, which is home to many other great eats, Gumshara has a bit of a cult following among my foodie friends. 

Admittedly, Gumshara’s Tonkotsu broths are a too thick for my own liking. However I included it in on my list because I know for a fact that MANY people enjoy a thick, rich salty broth for their ramen. 

The broth is a dark brown which already indicates the concentration of pork flavour you’re going to get. It creates a film on the surface at the first moment it starts to cool down. 

Another sign of how rich this broth is. 

How rich is rich? Well, at Gumshara ramen, they use 250kg of pork bones to make this liquid gold of flavour everyday. 

The noodles are coated with the thick broth and is more on the softer side. It’s not soggy. However if you like a good bite in your noodles than these won’t deliver.

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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