Sydney Hidden Gem – Chinese Seafood Restaurant You Need to Checkout

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Sydney Chinese seafood restaurant

Today I want to take you to a Sydney Chinese seafood restaurant I’ve been going to since I was a kid. My family loves this place and it’s our go-to whenever we want Cantonese style seafood. 

The decor might be lacking, and you probably wouldn’t even know there’s a restaurant from the outside, but the seafood is fresh, tasty and great value for money. 

Rising Sun Seafood Restaurant

152 Stoney Creek Rd, Beverly Hills

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Rising Sun Seafood restaurant sometimes have great dinner set options for large groups of various sizes. This time we got a dinner set for 8 that is guaranteed to leave you with a food baby. 

You can find your classics such as lobster noodles with ginger and spring onions. Steamed abalone, prawns and other shellfish. They pretty much have the full range of seafood you would expect a Sydney Chinese seafood restaurant would have. A range of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. 

All cooked in Cantonese flavours that brings out the freshness of the produce with sweet and savoury notes, great for anyone who can’t handle spicy food or strong flavours.  

But seafood isn’t the only thing they serve, they also serve some great Cantonese dishes like, crispy fried chicken where the skin is crispy thin and the meat is deliciously juicy. Soups that have been simmering for hours to make a rich elixir of meat, vegetables, herbs and seafood. 

And stir-frys that have a lot of “wok-hay”. 

If you’re ever in the area or need a place that can seat a large group – I cannot recommend this place enough. It’s a place full of childhood memories of large family gatherings for me and I think you’ll also create many memories eating great seafood here too. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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