Siroo Rice Cake Cafe

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Traditional Korean Rice cakes in sydney

One of the great things about Sydney is the amazing range of authentic international food we have here. And Siroo in West Ryde is a perfect example. They sell a large range of traditional Korean rice cakes and other Korean snacks.

Leading the operations at Siroo is a master rice cake chef with over 30 years of experience making these delicate confectionaries – fresh everyday starting at 2:30am! Rice cakes can come in many shapes, colours, fillings and textures but they all start with the humble grain of rice. 

Siroo Rice Cake Cafe

981 Victoria Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114, Australia

Step into the main area and you’ll find all their rice cakes displayed in an area. You can grab a tray and take what you fancy like a bakery, and then pay at the counter. They also have other items you can order as well. 

Fun little fact:

I was having a nice chat with the staff at Siroo and they told me the name Siroo is actually what the pot you use to cook the rice in is called. You can see the image of the pot in their logo as well.  

What I ordered:

Red Bean Rice Cake

The red bean rice cake is different to the Chinese ones I’m sure to. The texture is firmer with the red bean filling on the outside of the rice cake instead of the inside.

The red bean is also slightly crumbly and dry, which gives it a fun texture and more earthy nutty flavour. 

Black Sesame Rice Cake

The texture and the look of this one was a lot more familiar to me. The rice cake dough was black in colour, which I’m assuming is from black sesame added into the rice dough. 

This one was softer in texture, giving it a chewier feel when you bite into it. Then you have the black sesame filling inside which gave it an intense flavour I really enjoyed. 

Angkko Patterned Korean Rice Cakes

Apparently these are really popular right now in Korea, and so I had to give these a try myself. I was able to feel the difference in texture just by pushing my fork into one. Chewier than the black sesame with my stretch, but still not as firm as the first red bean rice cake I had. 

The red bean filling in the Angkko rice cakes were more what I was expecting. A moist paste of red bean that’s been slightly sweetened. 

Pumpkin Rice Cake

This was unlike anything I’ve had before, and I was rather surprised with my first bite with the textures I was getting. The rice cake is less like a dough and more sticky crumble. It would kinda crumble when you break it apart, but as you chew on it the rice cake compacts and becomes rather dense and chewy. 

This rice cake is filling and really dense, so don’t be fooled by the size of this one. 

Strawberry Mochi

This was perfectly made. The rice cake dough was soft and you could tell it was made just earlier today. The red bean filling was not too sweet and the starwberry gave a bright sharpness to the more nutty bean and rice flavours. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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