Omakase Restaurant in Willoughby, Sydney

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Omakase at Hachioji

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I’m actually not a big fan of cooked fish, but I absolutely love it raw. The meat is sweeter, the texture is softer and more buttery. 

So when a friend told me about this Omakase restaurant in Willoughby, Sydney for only $99. 

I had to try it. 

EDIT: the price has gone up recently, so please check beforehand for the latest prices.

Hachioji opened rather recently where Kisuke use to be. The venue is a small but intimate restaurant that only seats 8 people. 

So if you’re looking for a place that’s quiet, cozy and gives you the freedom to relax all evening; Hachioji is the place to go. 

My friends and I booked the 18 course set. 

All 18 courses were delicious. The dishes Benson made for us were unique, unlike what you typically find at other Omakase restaurants, and the flavours worked well. 

The fish was fresh, sweet and expertly executed. 

All in all I really enjoyed the experience. I thought the dishes were fun and innovative and the ingredients Benson used were not what I expected from Omakase. 

At $99, 18 courses, great service and relaxing atmosphere. It was an absolute bargain. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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