Oborozuki Kaiseki Review

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Sydney Fine Dining

(Click play on the video above to see the full experience.) 

This new fine dining Japanese restaurant in Sydney is bringing one of the most sophisticated forms of Japanese cuisine to the city. Oborozuki serves a fusion kaiseki and a premium private room teppanyaki experience. I got the chance to try their kaiseki menu as an invited guest, which is great, because I don’t think I would have been able to push my video budget to cover this amazing restaurant otherwise. 

Oborozuki is located in one of the sought after residential buildings in the city, Opera Residences with views of the Sydney Harbour that doesn’t get wasted with the floor to ceiling windows. The restaurant seats 120 diners, making it Australia’s largest Kaiseki dining rooms. Unlike most Japanese restaurants in town which has a classic, if not predictable interior design of warm beige wood, soft lighting and clean lines – Oborozuki has a more modern luxurious aesthetic. 

Oborozuki Sydney


Level 3, 5/71 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

The kaiseki is a 10 course meal of meticulously prepared dishes that are both seasonal and local. Like most dining experience in Japanese culture, the quality of the ingredients and the preparation and handling of the ingredients is what really makes the dishes shine. Every course was incredible, from the presentation to taste and texture. I could really tell every element of the meal was thought about and done on purpose.

Nothing was left to happenchance. 

oborozuki sydney

We started the meal with a platter of 3 cold dishes as starters and then moved on to steamed, flamed grilled, seasonal, deep fried and rice. Every course was just enough to let you appreciate what’s in front of you and every bite was amazing. But, if I had to choose, my highlight for the night was definitely the seasonal sashimi platter, every piece was so sweet that the natural sweetness of each fish really stood out. 

oborozuki sydney

The current price at the time of writing this is $380, so it’s not going to be a weekly, or even monthly dining affair. I know it won’t be for me. However I would go again to celebrate a special occasion that deserved an unforgettable dining experience. With every course paired with a wine and master chefs creating some, out-of-this-world-flavors-for-you – I think there’s definitely a place for a $380 meal to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. 

Oborozuki Sydney

Watch the video above to get an extensive inside look into the experience. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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