Nomidokoro Indigo – Sydney Sake Bar

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(Click play on the video above to watch the experience for yourself) 

Nomidokoro Indigo is a new cozy sake bar in Darlinghurst from the same time that has already brought Sydney fantastic dining experiences such as Yakitori yurippi and Nakano darling. They all have something in common – all of them have a distinct flare of bringing Japanese food culture to Australia and Nomidokoro continues this theme with a small narrow sake bar Izakaya. 

As you step into the sliding wooden doors, you see a long bar counter able to accommodate about 10 people in front of a wall of various sake. 

nomidokoro indigo

Nomidokoro Indigo

393 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

I was invited to try their sake pairing menu, where each dish was paired with a different sake. I lost count how much I had, but by the end of it all the sake started tasting like water – which I think it my cue to stop drinking. 

Although the bar isn’t big and you get a perfectly calm, warm friendly vibe as most high end Japanese restaurants provide – Nomidokoro Indigo have managed to keep their prices more accessible without skimping on quality, with everything made from scratch. 

nomidokoro indigo

Some dishes to note for the night were the ebi fry – small crispy, umami shrimp snack that’s perfect for nibbling away with sake. Sake steamed baby clam which had an amazing creamy mouth feel although I swear it looks watery by eye, and miso cream cheese. The cream cheese was something I’ve never had before and it honestly would be the last thing I think of when it comes to Japanese food, but it was delicious. 

nomidokoro indigo sake bar

Super creamy, slightly smoky and savory. Something you must try on their menu. Watch the video above to see the full experience for yourself. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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