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(Click play on the video above to watch my experience at Ni Hao Bar) 

Ni Hao Bar is the perfect place for a night out. This bar located on Pitt street promises to bring you out of the world crazy drinks and delicious food to share with you and your mates. As the name suggests, they bring a distinct Chinese theme to their bar with the drinks and menu to reflect it –  along with the dramatic decor. 

ni hao bar

Ni Hao Bar

Level 1/388 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

We ordered a fair number of items off the menu with drinks to start the night before a number of starters. I got a drink called “a zombie” which came with its own fire/ pyrotechnic show. As I took my first sip still amazed by the display of fire just 5 seconds ago – our prawn toast, steamed butter scallops and oysters arrived. The drink was amazing, the scallops were delicious …and we ordered shots. 

The shots came in a chinese tea pot you no longer find in most yum cha restaurants, but the whole presentation was a fun play that made drinking it extra delicious. We also have stir fry wagyu rice noodles, kung pao chicken, broccolini with sesame furikake and salted egg tofu. 

salted egg tofu ni hao bar

The atmosphere of Ni Hao bar begins at the front door and the whole experience is a concise experience that excites all your sense. From the lighting, decor, furniture, plating to menu and drinks – you’re taken into a “Chinese-esque” edgy world. 

ni hao bar Sydney

The highlights for me for the night were definitely the broccolini, beef stir fry and tofu. Overall, I had a great time and would most definitely come again for a fun night out. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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