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Casual Japanese

(Click play on the video above to see the full experience.) 

Mikazuki is a casual modern Japanese dining chain with 4 locations in Sydney. I went to the Eastwood location as I went with my family for lunch today. 

Mikazuki does a range of modern Japanese favorites such as dons, ramen, curry and sushi. You’ll also find fusion items on their menu like the sashimi taco we ordered. 

Mikazuki (Eastwood)

Shop 9/1 Glen St, Eastwood

Our total came to 120 for 4 adults and we ordered a total of 5 items with an upgraded add on for salad and miso soup. My personal favorite for the day was the seawood garlic butter beef don. A good generous amount of beef with a really flavorful garlic butter that ties everything together. 

mikazuki Sydney

The black garlic Charsu ramen was a close second with the broth having a great umami garlic flavour. The noodles were also still chewy, which is how I like my ramen noodles to be. We also had a pork katsu curry, and a few sides. 

black garlic ramen mikazuki

The curry was the typical Japanese curry, where it’s more sweet and aromatic than spicy. The pork katsu was still crispy and not too soggy from the curry. 

Japanese curry Mikazuki Eastwood

Overall nothing was disappointing, and everything tasted how I expected it to taste. It’s just a simple, clean, friendly place to go eat a good quick meal. 

Sashimi taco
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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