Lakemba – Ramadan Night Festival

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Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, which changes slightly every year in relation to the usual calendar most of us are use to. On this month, practicing muslims fast from dawn to dusk.

In other words, muslims don’t eat anything while the sun is out. Traditionally they break their fast in large gathers with family and friends once the sun sets.

And this. This gave way to the amazing Lakemba Ramadan Night Festival. What started out as one street stall has now become a landmark event in Sydney’s annual calendar. 


Lakemba Ramadan Night Festival

Location: The Festival takes over Haldon Street and Railway Parade 

Opening times: Sunset to sunrise from 2 April – 1 May 

Getting there: There isn’t much parking available near by and I had to park a good 10 -15min walk away. Don’t make my mistake and take public transport instead. 

You can reach the night market by getting off at Lakemba station by using the Bankstown train line. The council has also organized free shuttle bus services from 6:30pm – 2am

Click here for more details.

Lakemba night festival


Expect a large crowd and feeling the buzzing energy almost tangible to the touch.

The festival isn’t just for muslims looking to break fast with a delicious feast – the festival attracts everyone who wants to find a melting pot of different ethnic food in one convenient spot.

You’ll find stall after stall all serving really good food. Some you’ve never seen before, while other you may have heard of but never tried and others are Aussie favourites. 

This even is family friendly, but may not be the most wheelchair friendly because of the crowds. However it is definitely wheelchair accessible. 

ramadan food festival


Find kebabs, charcoal chicken, Camel burgers, slow cooked mutton for the meat lovers.

Aromatic biryani, falafels, buttery roti for the carb lovers, and countless dessert and sweet treats for anyone who has a second stomach just for dessert. 

I managed to try:

  • Yummy Yummy (stall 37)for fresh Knafeh 
  • A nutella crepe from a kind viewer who let me have a bite of theirs. (Not too sure which stall it was from though) 
  • Ramadan Camel for a juicy camel burger 
  • Turkish sand coffee which is always an interesting experience because the coffee is so strong and aromatic. (I forgot which stall – at this point I just got swept up into the crowd looking at all the food) 
  • Bakdash Ice cream – was a really nice way to end the night with smooth milky ice-cream coated with pistachio crumbs and a hint of rose water. 
pistachio ice-cream Sydney ramadan market
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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