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Osaka is Japan’s culinary capital. This funky crazy city that blends new with traditional and the whacky with the refine is teeming with delicious food. 

And one of the focal points of all this Osaka street food, is Kuromon market. Here’s 7 items you should check out when you visit. 

1. Grilled Scallops

Massive fresh scallops are grilled right in front of you when you order it at stalls all over Kuromon market. 

A bit of soy sauce to season and blow torch to grill it is all you need to make these scallops taste amazing because of how fresh they are. 

2. Beef Skewer

I got myself a midrange beef skewer grilled on a stick. You can usually find beef skewer stalls that sell before of various prices you can pick. 

My 700 yen skewer of 5 bites was very meaty in flavour, pretty juicy and not tough. 

It was a great snack that would have worked better with some rice…

3. Tako Tamago

This almost looks too cute to eat. 

A marinated baby octopus with quail egg is a common street food found in Osaka so I just had to try it. 

A soy sauce base flavour, a bit chewy from the octopus but not tough by any means and a very eggy head from the quail egg stuffed head. A fun bite you should try. 

TIP: Don’t buy right away at the market entrance as prices get cheaper as you walk further in. 

4. Tri-colour Tuna Bowl

You can find a few sashimi stalls in the market and one of them had a rather big crowd which to me, only means the fish has got to be fresh! 

I got myself a tri-colour tuna bowl which consists of 3 different types of tuna cuts on top of rice with some fish roe as garnish. 

Oh man, where to begin. 

It was some of the best tuna I have ever tasted. The tuna just melts in your mouth. I didn’t even have to chew in all honesty. (exactly what the shop’s promotional leaflets said…the most melt in your mouth tuna you can get) 

5. Matcha Ice-cream

An extremely creamy smooth ice-cream with a vibrant matcha flavour to it. Absolutely amazing. 

You can get the ice-cream served on a cone with powered matcha sprinkled on top. 

6. Strawberry Mochi

Fruit is serious business in Japan, with some fruit being more expensive than three course meal. 

I found this stall at the market selling different types of fruit as well as fruit mochi. I got this MASSIVE strawberry mochi with some custard and it was a really nice treat, but also very fulling. 

Actually one of the most filling items I had that day. I wouldn’t get more than one and maybe even share one with someone else if you could. Especially if you plan to eat your way around the market. 

However the mochi overall was really nice and the strawberry was the best part. 

7. Wagyu Beef & Noodle Soup

I’ve seen this wagyu beef, n noodle soup dish all around Japan in small eateries and love it every time I get it. 

This time I got it at the market and the broth was so rich is beefy umami flavours. Its the perfect soup to have on a winter day. (Any day really, but winter makes this warming soup shine) 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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