$45 All You Can Eat Wagyu Yakiniku

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Kuro Sakura Japanese BBQ Buffet

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Kuro Sakura Japanese BBQ operates they’re only outlet in Australia in Chatswood with the goal of bringing authentic Japanese Yakiniku to Sydney. 

Their menu is pretty simple. There are 4 different all-you-can-eat plans, with two being Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), 1 being Sukiyaki (a dish where beef and vegetables are simmered in sukiyaki sauce) and 1 being Shabu Shabu (Japanese hotpot)

Kuro Sakura Japanese BBQ

Address: 15 Oscar St, Chatswood, NSW 2067

All you can eat Japanese BBQ: Mon – Weds: $45pp // Thurs – Sun: $50pp

NOTE: prices used reflect the correct prices at time of filming 

What to expect

Kuro Sakura is a casual dining option where Yakiniku was always intended as a social activity. The tables are a good size for the many plates of food you’ll be ordering. 

Like other Japanese BBQ restaurants, you order as you eat and servers bring your food to your table for you to begin grilling. All you have to do is place the orders through the tablets, which makes ordering fast and easy. 

A thing to note is that unlike most other Japanese BBQ restaurants – Kuro Sakura didn’t have a sashimi menu or ox tongue (which is my go to) and the range of items was mostly meat. 

My overall experience

I’ve been here a few times and my experiences have always been good. The process of ordering is straightforward, and the service was quick. 

However the menu isn’t as extensive as other places at a similar price. It does have what I typically would order so it’s not a big problem for me, but something to keep in mind. 

I think Kuro Sakura is a nice neighbourhood spot you can head to with your family or a few friends to have a simple but good meal with.

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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