Trying the Best Korean Food in Sydney

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Some of the best Korean Food in Sydney!

In this episode, we explore a Sydney Suburb that is also very close to my heart. Now this Sydney neighborhood isn’t as popular / well know as some other suburbs such as Newtown, Surry hills or Sydney CBD, but it is well worth a visit for their amazing food.

Strathfield has an amazing range of Korean eats, from street food, to noodles, soups, desserts and of course Korean BBQ. I take you to my fav spots here but as usual, if there’s some place I’ve missed please let me know.

Hangang Restaurant

Raw Square and, Churchill Ave, Strathfield

Hanggang restaurant serves a range of classics Korean dishes like Bibimbap, cold noodles and seafood pancake. 

I absolutely love the seafood pancake here, and Korean style seafood pancakes in general. Highly recommend you trying it out and letting me know if you enjoy it as much as I do. 

LAB Bakery Café

4 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW

LAB makes some very yummy baked goods at it’s bakery, but it also serves Bingsoo – Korean style shaved ice. 

Shaved ice might not sound like anything special but Korean style shaved ice is a lot fluffier than your typical shaved ice. It’s almost like you’re eating ice fluff. (if that makes sense) 

Bingsoo is typically topped with some sort of syrup, ice-cream, fresh fruit and red beans or rice cakes. Or some sort of combination of the above.

Perfect summer dessert to share. (It’s massive, you’ll want to share)

Ymone Haejanggook

30 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135

Ymone Haejanggook has a range of stews and soups that are all very savoury-ly delicious. 

My go-to tends to be pork bone soup, which is a very rich, meaty broth that has a milky-like colour to it. They pack it full of spring onions and, of course, pork. 

It’s honestly a great winter meal.


35 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135

If you’re looking for an enjoyable Korean barbecue place than you should check out Stra BBQ. It has all your typical offerings in meats, Ban Chans and hot dishes. 

But what I really like about it is the grill isn’t your typical grill plate, but a bar grill over charcoal. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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